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Science Fiction Fans Offer Seven Possibilities for Ceres’ Mysterious Lights.

In Monday’s blog, we discussed the unexplainable lights detected on the dwarf planet Ceres by NASA space probe Dawn. I asked three of my google+ communities to give me their opinions as to what the lights could be.     Ice, Ice Baby The Short Of It:   Two of the three communities I polled […]

Time Travel

Time Travel, Would You?

If there was a chance we could correct mistakes in the past, most of us would. I know I would, but the whole plunging into the deep, dark unknown of time travel gives me pause. In a recent poll, 81% of science fiction lovers would hit the reset switch in an effort to correct occurrences […]

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“Our Future Is Space”—Stephen Hawking. Science Fiction Community Votes. Probed

Over the past couple of weeks I have been conducting polls on science fiction google+ communities of which I am a member. On future blogs I will report my findings and share science fiction videos and music with my readers. Why you might ask? The Short of It I was having so much fun sharing […]

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