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Ceres’ Bright Spots Remain a Mystery

NASA’s space probe Dawn continues her journey to explore the dwarf planet Ceres.  As Dawn orbits even closer, scientists had hoped to have some definitive answers to the question: What are those strange lights reflecting from the planet’s surface? The Short of It  The first images captured by Dawn of the lights were taken from a distance […]

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Liebster Blog Award! We’ve Been Nominated.

  A blogging/Twitter/writer friend of mine, Myk Pilgrim, nominated our blog for the LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. Now, Myk is quite the character and a very hilarious individual, so imagine my thoughts when I read about my nomination. I was like: Really? Is this for reals? I’m not falling for this. Turns out the Liebster Blog Award is […]

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X-Files Slated For 2016. 5 Things You Might Not Know About the Original.

  Rumors of the X-Files’ reboot have been circulating on the web for months. This morning Fox announced it’s official— X-Files returns January 24, 2016 with a two hour opener. The Short of It  Science Fiction fans have long awaited the return of The X-Files. We just never thought it would take this long. We at […]

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