Paranormal Supernatural Walk-Ins

Do You Host a Walk-In?

Where did winter go? Or summer—for my Aussie cousins? As I stare out my office window, my Aspens dance their signature solos as they embrace their shades of summer green. It was only days before mountain chickadees perched on my Aspens’ naked branches, hunting for the seeds I scatter. They plucked sunflower hearts and nyjer […]

Supernatural Unexplainable Walk-Ins

Are Walk-Ins Possible? Mitochondria vs Reincarnation

(An introduction to Walk-Ins appears in my last blog post.) I’ve been interested in the concept of Walk-Ins and have researched the topic since the 1990s when I began work on my first novel. I didn’t take the concept seriously until I woke one morning and felt different. My shamanic friend, Gloria, had guided a […]

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