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About Clara Bush

clara bush, writer and bloggerClara Bush was born in San Antonio, raised in Austin and Cleburne. All in Texas. Australian, German, and Irish gene pool, but suspects aboriginal blood is there. Somewhere.

Moved to the mountains as soon as she could. Lives in Colorado with her husband and two rescue dogs. He downhills, she writes, and the dogs love walks. Perfect life for all.

closeup of raven on yellow backgroundBecause of her own personal experiences with ghosts, haunted houses, extraterrestrials, and monsters; she writes creepy stories. Werewolves, ghosts, and past-life romances are her favorites. Would wear flowy Greek gowns or flowy something if people didn’t stare.

Special thank you to Sonia Medeiros, superhero Website Designer, and Kip Ayers, artist of the Werewolf.

(Website Design by Sonia Medeiros)
(Werewolf artwork by Kip Ayers.)

Contact Clara

  • Come visit me on Facebook at Clara Bush, writer page. Or click on the red circle at the bottom with the f in it.
  • Or use the letter at the bottom to email me. I’ll write back.
  • Or check me out on Twitter.  Available Twitter icon below works as well.
  • Feel free to Direct Message me, but be kind, please. I break easily.

Thank you, Clara Bush—writer and blogger of creepy stuff

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