Man’s Best

novellas-4-novellasNovella 2 of THE CREEP MESQUITE ANTHOLOGY

My Rin. My first love. Dae thought and considered the differences between her kind and the Affluents. Differences that had so often perplexed and separated her from his kind.

Rin was a prime example of the young men and women who inhabited the city of Kuelap Káa in the year 3060. They had knowledge of the most advanced technology. They designed computers, robots, and could build skyscrapers to the moon were it deemed logical. They designed all things bigger, faster, and shinier. But they could not dream, or fantasize, or remember a time when their city wasn’t concrete and stone covered by a protective artificial dome and surrounded by hundred-foot walls. Because they could not dream, they suffered. Their depression was a self-inflicted form of torture. They lost the will to live, a will that no amount of money could buy and no amount of technology could produce. They died young.

Unless they had the help of Dae’s kind, the Endangered.

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