Wyso And The Other Creepy Kids on Gerard Street

NOVELLAS-5-novellasNovella 1 of The Creep Mesquite Anthology

The Gerard Street Boys did two things most uncommon to the other boys in surrounding neighborhoods. One, they hunted the night skies for aliens. And two, they included a girl in all their adventures, in all their growing up, and in all their education of both the worldly and otherworldly kind.

At first, they were known as just those creepy kids over on Gerard Street due to their unwavering affection for aliens, and all that was alien. As they grew older, their behavior boosted their rank to that of the creepiest.

The Ancient Hunter above watched from his thundercraft and recorded the children’s development and their advancement toward their ever-looming first encounter. He peeled the scales from his forearm and speculated about whether or not he would have to kill them before they remembered their real mission. Will it be different this time? he wondered.

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