Who Is the Favorite Classic Monster? Poll Results

This Halloween blog reports the results of three polls I conducted to discover the most popular monster of The Big Four. The Sci-Fi community, the science fiction writers community, and Texas Tech students were polled.

Poll Results for Favorite Monster

QuestionOf the BIG FOUR classic movie monsters: Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf Man and The Mummy—who is your favorite? (I’m talking pure unadulterated classic monsters not like Edward or Jacob from Twilight and not aliens, zombies, or orks)
A total of 268 Science Fiction enthusiasts voted plus 21 students from the university.

The Sci-Fi Community Results

Frankenstein is a favorite.
33% Frankenstein
48% Dracula
10% Wolf Man
4% The Mummy
6% Other

The Science Fiction Writers’ Community Results

35% Frankenstein
45% Dracula
10% Wolf Man
10% The Mummy

Wolf Man— my favorite.

Dr. Crews’ Class

48% Frankenstein
24% Dracula
14% Wolf Man
14% The Mummy


So in my very unofficial, unscientific poll, Dr. Crews’ class deviated from the other two populations. They selected Frankenstein as their favorite classic monster. Now, we need to ask what contributed to the difference. Age? Education?

The answer is not clear. And I wondered if the recent release of the movies I, Frankenstein and Dracula Untold—both updates of the original oldies—had anything to do with it. Both scored equally bad with audiences and critics, so I’m not seeing any help there.

I’d loved to hear what you think. Why would a group of young adults vote Frankenstein as their favorite?

Intelligent and articulate Abdulaziz said he selected The Mummy because of the sense of dark magic associated with the creature.

Sharing in our conversation on science fiction and monsters were Michael, Xavier, Chase, and Candice. (Other students were equally as engaging, however, I asked students to sign their ballots if they didn’t mind if I used their names in my blog and some students chose not to have their names mentioned.) But thanks to all of Dr. C’s students for participating and offering their opinions.

Poster for I Frankenstein.

Some of the intriguing comments from the polled communities follow.

I picked Dracula because the poll specified “movie” monster. I love the Frankenstein book much much more than Dracula. Lisa

We’ve read Dracula and Frankenstein and a couple older wolfman/mummy stories and yes, the stories are better than the movies. But Karloff just makes the movies special. He brings them to life (pun intended) in a way no one else had or has. Lara

I thought Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was Gothic horror. Either way I’d have to say Dracula was my favorite, read the book quite young and it stuck with me for a long time….very enjoyable read. —Steve

Victor Frankenstein was the Monster for creating the creature. The Creature itself was largely blameless in the whole affair. Well, the ignorant town folks were pretty horrible too. Collectively they can be referred to as the Angry Mob.—Paul

Dracula has a back story and personality. Wolfy got hairy and we lose the humanness of his body expressions we feed off. Frank, well “he was just this Guy you know.” —Lazarus

The one constant is the angry mob with their pitchforks. Same thing would happen now if a scientist animated a dead person, only this time we’d be able to see it on YouTube.—Dalt

How about you? Which classic monster would you vote for?

(BIG shout out to Texas Tech University, Dr. Charles Crews, and his awesome students for inviting me to be a guest speaker. Their discussions, questions, and insight on such hot topics as fracking, wind energy, careers, religion, and monsters led to much inspiration for me and hopefully for them.) 

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6 replies on “Who Is the Favorite Classic Monster? Poll Results”

I wonder if the students leaned towards the monster in Frankenstein because it was the most “technologically” based of the group – fearful of what technology can accomplish/create.

I agree with the student who points out that the mummy had a dark magic quality that made him/her unique to the others. In fact, that brings up an interesting point… what of the “witch/sorcerer” as a monster? Not that they have to always be villains, but there is a case for these often dark magicians, especially in the young adult genre. Lets look at your three (four if you include love) qualifications:

He must be created from the imagination of a writer. CHECK..maybe

The monster should be so depraved—in actions or appearance or both—that society and even his maker reject him and try to destroy him. This gives the monster something with which we as humans can empathize.
The witch is an outcast, or “other”.. certainly rejected by society

His detest-ability is derived from something unnatural like the dead coming back to life, the undead, or being composed of the parts of numerous dead people.
Debatable, is magic “unnatural”??

“Love—either as its main squeeze or as a back story for the journey of a monster.”
not necessarily always true of the monster/witch.. but think of the witches detest of “true love”.. and the idea that a bitter old woman/man tears young lovers apart”

Overall, I think it maybe a sub genre of the Monster.. or maybe I am way off base and derailing the whole conversation on your blog (I hope not, if so sorry), but you certainly have me thinking. Thanks Clara.. what a great blog to stumble upon.

Hi Orloff—Much to ponder!

I include witches/sorcerers in the alien/zombie/ork category. Monstrous indeed, but is there a single witch who stands out as the most monstrous?

Of course there are your fairy tale witches. The bad witch in The Wizard of Oz scared the heck out of me as a child until I met Godzilla. But fairy tale…not feeling the monster. Are you?

Did you have one witch in particular? if so, tell me and I will research.

Thank you for your comment and compliment. I am so happy you like the monster series. You made my day!

I will always go with Dracula. Dark and foreboding , supernatural, sexual night creature and ageless… what’s not to love?🧛🏻‍♀️

For me, Dracula is not furry enough.Teehee. But I think I’m in the minority. Furry is so sexy. Brings out the beast.
All joking aside, Dracula definitely has the popular vote. I wonder if we could get him to run for president? Thank you for commenting, Maggye. You’re the best.

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