Super Moon Photos. “Time’s Relentless Melt”

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Yesterday’s blog talked about the Summer 2014 phenomenon, the Super Moons. I asked for photos. Here are some awesome shots of the Super Moon in San Francisco taken and sent in by American freelance photographer Tony. His work can be found online at:

Thank you, Tony, for sharing your creativity and talent with the rest of us. I admire what you do.

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. 
You bring to the act of photography 
all the pictures you have seen, 
the books you have read,
 the music you have heard, 
the people you have loved.” 
—Ansel Adams
“All photographs are memento mori. 
To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s)
Precisely by slicing out this moment
 and freezing it, 
all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt.”
—Susan Sontag

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20 replies on “Super Moon Photos. “Time’s Relentless Melt””

And you were just like the moon,
so lonely,
so full of imperfections.
But just like the moon,
you shined in times of darkness.


That is beautiful! May I use it and attribute it to you in a post.

I’m working on my blog for tomorrow and i pay tribute to Robin Williams. Your poem would be a perfect way to honor him.

Please keep your lovely words coming. I love it.

Thank you Clara. I am honored and pleased that you would want to display my pictures. I was happy to see others who just waited with cells to take pixs, or even without, standing there in the darkness, waiting just to see the Supermoon. Sometimes in this high-tech world, we need to leave behind that technology and live… really live. Too bad many don’t and still “live” through their devices.
~ fototaker Tony

You are more than welcome to use the quote, but do not attribute it to me. I have searched and have found no proper attribution. So perhaps “Anonymous” is most fitting.

Thank you Clara for giving my images character which are sometimes lacking when images, as with products in a supermarket, are lumped together with other images, and even those of others.

Thanks you two. I wish I had a great story to explain the name. Maybe Clara will have to help me develop a character. haha.

Great “fotos” fototaker!

I’m terribly sorry for your loss of the wine. However, I do not think it is as you say…. I think instead you are hearing the strange occurrence that, upon drinking all of the wine within a wine bottle, one starts to hear words and things…. it’s true!! It’s been documented in the kindergarten class science research papers of 1808, and duly annouced on KNN!! really!!!

I’m so glad that I could be such an inspiration for drunken debauchery. Perhaps soon I will have you both under my spell and you’ll join me as we all dance on the moon!

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