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The Mummy: Creating Monsters

While researching for my creating monsters series, it surprised me to learn that The Mummy we know today varies greatly from the original Mummy, not only in name, but in appearance and purpose, as well. Twenty-year-old Jane C. Webb (later she became Loudon) introduced the first fictional mummy in 1827. Her novel — The Mummy: […]


Dracula: Creating Monsters

..the world seems full of good men—even if there are monsters in it. ― Bram Stoker, Dracula Of all the monsters—loved and hated—Dracula ranks first among monster fans and screenwriters. According to Guinness World Record, the Big Screen and TV have resurrected Dracula more than any other horror character. Additionally, if one goes beyond monsters and examines […]

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Interview with a Shapesifter

Shapeshifting dominates myths, legends, folklore, and fairy tales as far back as we can trace. Some even believe Jesus was a shapeshifter. They believe this is why Judas betrayed him with a kiss. Otherwise he could have just described Jesus to the soldiers. But, since Jesus could change his shape, Judas used a kiss. Even […]

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