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Bathysphere and Its Pioneers of the Deep

I like science so weird it resembles fiction. While researching anglerfish, I ran across the Bathysphere and found it fascinating that on August 15, 1934, two men descended into depths of the ocean never before traveled. Background The first marine biologist to penetrate the perpetual darkness of deep sea, and observe and record deep sea […]

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50 Shades of Anglerfish—Worst Sex Ever.

Writing about monsters, one cannot deny fiction often copies real life. Unlike the kingdom of humans, the animal kingdom offers a wide variety of mating rituals and encounters. None more fascinating and/or horrifying than that of the anglerfish. I’m partial to this sexy creature, because I used the premise of the anglerfish for two of […]

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The Mummy: Creating Monsters

While researching for my creating monsters series, it surprised me to learn that The Mummy we know today varies greatly from the original Mummy, not only in name, but in appearance and purpose, as well. Twenty-year-old Jane C. Webb (later she became Loudon) introduced the first fictional mummy in 1827. Her novel — The Mummy: […]

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