The Predator, Kevin Peter Hall.

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Thanksgiving! Family Invasion! Turkey! Cranberries! And classic science fiction film!

For today’s blog I found a YouTube video since all parties involved—I feel sure—are busy with the holidays. Not much time for reading lengthy blogs or researching. (Overseas readers, I apologize. I know you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.)

In Blog post #64, we talked about the similarity between the sounds emitted from Comet 67P and the sound made by the extraterrestrail alien in the 1987 classic science fiction movie, The Predator.

While surfing YouTubes, I found this video which was released in memory of Kevin Peter Hall (1955-1991). Hall portrayed the Predator. He died from aids related pneumonia contracted from a blood transfusion. He was only thirty-five years old—such a short life for such a talented man. I found the discussions on his Predator wardrobe/make-up and his personality fascinating. I hope you do also.

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4 replies on “The Predator, Kevin Peter Hall.”

So glad you like the post, Bill. Yes, Predator is truly a classic film as well as a classic monster. I mean who matches his awesomeness in present day movies?


Thank you,

I can’t believe I won! Sorry it has taken me some time to get to commenting again, i’ve been losing track of time lately and wake up with strange memories of different worlds ; ) I am sure its just my active imagination… right?

I’d love the Wyso Ring please, It would be pretty fantastic to have a part of the story to wear. Plus, the snake rings are incredibly beautiful. Did you know the snake represents shedding an old form and becoming a new version of yourself? Sounds like the perfect rings.

Personally, I love the youtube videos, the only problem is, I often check your blog at work when I have downtime and cant always watch the videos : / So as long as the writing around it details the same point then I dont feel like I miss much.

Keep up the excellent blog posting and I am so thrilled I won!


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