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Stranger Than Fiction

I entered my office, my sanctuary, to write on a totally different topic today. However, before beginning, I checked my Face Book page. My veterinary friend, Jodi, posted one of those stranger-than-fiction occurrences. My mind frantically thought of all the stories a writer could create from this one stranger than fiction nonfiction. I decided to […]


Mars’ Update

As shown in my last blog, the photos Mars’ rovers send back display some weird—albeit explainable—images. In today’s blog, I will update the latest information on Mars’ findings. NASA doubts there’s life on Mars. However, there is still a lot we need to investigate on the Red Planet says Heather Graham, astrobiologist for NASA. “We […]

Outer Space Science

Mars’ Freaky Photos

Mars’ freaky photos have puzzled UFO and science fiction enthusiasts for decades. Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, once wrote a letter to Corey S. Powell, editor-at-large of Discover Magazine, requesting an investigation into the forests on Mars spotted by NASA’s orbiter, Surveyor. Forests on Mars would certainly be a mind- blowing […]

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