Urban Legends

Lick Lick Urban Legend

(ATTENTION: No harm comes to the dog or the teen in this version of Lick Lick. I love dogs and teens too much.) I totally forgot about this Urban Legend. Lick Lick is what I call it and it was one of my favorites to tell around the camp fire. Lick Lick Urban Legend Sally’s […]

Ghosts Urban Legends

High Beam Urban Legend

I remember hearing about the High Beam Urban Legend years ago. Many years ago. I’d totally forgotten about it until we were telling scary stories around the fireplace during the Christmas holidays. My nineteen-year-old granddaughter had never heard this urban legend. She said it gave her chills. Because Zombieland Rule #10 is an excellent idea […]


Christmas Monsters

Better watch out… if you’ve been naughty this year. There are worse things than receiving a lump of coal in your stocking. I was shocked my research uncovered numerous Christmas monsters and urban legends. I knew of Krampus because, being a horror movie freak, I watched it. But never did I imagine other malevolent creatures […]

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