Ghosts Urban Legends

High Beam Urban Legend

I remember hearing about the High Beam Urban Legend years ago. Many years ago. I’d totally forgotten about it until we were telling scary stories around the fireplace during the Christmas holidays. My nineteen-year-old granddaughter had never heard this urban legend. She said it gave her chills. Because Zombieland Rule #10 is an excellent idea […]


The Mizpah Hotel

Not only is Tonopah, Nevada, home to the Clown Motel, but it also features the Mizpah Hotel. Visitors hail it as the nation’s number one haunted hotel. With just cause. Guests report ghosts roam the halls of the Mizpah. These paranormal entities move visitors’ belonging, play pranks, and giggle. The hotel was one of the […]

Ghosts Paranormal

The Clown Motel

You can check-out any time you likeBut you can never leave! — Eagles, Hotel California. ‘Tis the season of monsters, ghosts, and all that’s creepy. Every Halloween, one or two trick or treaters invariably sport a clown costume. Cause clowns are just down-right creepy. Right? No doubt, as far as creepy-clown tropes go The Clown […]

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