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Do You Host a Walk-In?

My Aspens dress-up in their greens to welcome summer days.

Where did winter go? Or summer—for my Aussie cousins? As I stare out my office window, my Aspens dance their signature solos as they embrace their shades of summer green.

Winter Aspens, barren and waiting, but not dead.

It was only days before mountain chickadees perched on my Aspens’ naked branches, hunting for the seeds I scatter. They plucked sunflower hearts and nyjer from snowy graves and sang their name into the icy north wind. Chick-a-dee-dee-dee—a solitude and singular aria that almost defies death.

I said almost.

What if What We’ve Been Taught Is Wrong?

Everything dies. They have taught us. We die and most of us accept that it’s an inevitable fact of being alive. Some of us struggle against it and fight until the end. Others, often in pain, embrace death as an escape from a life that has become too difficult.

They have taught us death is the end. Like closing a well-worn book. The end. It’s over. Done with, except for the memories possessed by those we leave behind.

But what if what they’ve taught us isn’t exactly right?

Mitochondria vs Reincarnation

Fall Aspens cling to their leaves in colors that seem to scream, “Leave us be.”

In my last post, we talked about mitochondria and reincarnation and the difference between the two. As I continue in my search for other possibilities to death—in that death of one’s physical body does not mean death to one’s energy—the idea of Walk-Ins prevails.

If you open your mind to the possibility that our energy is immortal, where does our energy go when our body wears out and we must close the book? Is that it? Do we cease?

I was never much on the idea of heaven. I love Earth too much to think I wouldn’t be a part of her—in some form—forever. Before we continue our discussion on Walk-Ins, I’ve provided a checklist for you open-minded souls who think you might host such a force of energy.

The following list is based on Ruth Montgomery’s research. She is author of Strangers Among Us and was a pioneer in the study of Walk-Ins. Montgomery introduced the concept of Walk-Ins during the 1970s, but first her fame came as a well-respected journalist and political columnist, not as a writer of unorthodox ideas.


If You Host a Walk-In

  • Things no longer seem to be what you were taught or what you believed.
  • You have a strong inner compulsion to write.
  • You suddenly have a new awareness of life’s energies. (Or you can pinpoint the time in your life when this occurred.)
  • You have clearer goals.
  • Your aimless wanderings disappear.
  • You have deeper perceptions. You just know.
  • You find you have a love of all beings.
  • You can now solve problems that once blocked your progress.
  • Your family and friends may remark they notice an improved attitude associated with your persona. You are more energetic, hopeful, and dedicated.
  • You may realize all this, but may think a higher power has simply granted you insight, or that you have exited from a period of depression.

 My Research

I believe I’ve hosted a Walk-In. Montgomery’s list registered a big YES for me. I was raised a Lutheran, taught Sunday school from the time I was in the eighth grade until forty something, and was quite devout. In my forties, I began my first serious attempt at writing that novel I’d put off for years.

It involved hours of research at the library trawling through decades of microfiche. We were living in Burnet, Texas. Colorful histories of the town and surrounding areas saturated old newspapers, collections, and film. This was before the world-wide web.


What I Discovered

Just so happened my novel was about a little boy with an imaginary friend, who wasn’t imaginary. And just so happened, by divine guidance (perhaps my Walk-In), I found a 1910 news article reporting the abduction of a nine-year-old boy by the Comanches.

An American Indian scout returned the boy to his family four years later. The article said he died shortly after his return. It said society depressed him and he missed his Comanche family.

I had to know more.

From there, I embarked upon a journey to find out as much about American Indian traditions and lore as I could—primarily the Comanche who were integral to the Texas Hill Country.

The more I researched the beliefs of American Indians, the more I realized that what they believed—of a spiritual nature—I believed. Like, how animals seem to speak to us if we listen. How we must protect nature. In addition, how we should never waste and only take from nature what we need.

During this period, I met my shamanic friend, Gloria. She held monthly meetings at the anthropology museum in the area where she led attendees on guided spiritual journeys. I opened myself up to the possibilities and on one of these journeys; I became host to my first Walk-In.


It was not until years later that I realized what had happened. I knew something had changed within me. I no longer felt the need to sit in a church pew to worship my Creator. Instead, I found Him alive on every path I walked, in every tree I touched, and heard Him in the cooing of the Mourning Dove.

According to Montgomery, an individual who hosts a Walk-In presents in the following physical demeanor.

  • Their eyes are tranquil.
  • They are steady.
  • Exhibit a willingness to help others without expecting personal reward.
  • Exhibit a quiet radiance.
  • Do not take part in harmful gossip about others.
  • Has a calm demeanor.
  • Likes her/his/their fellow being, but does not establish close ties with any of them.
  • “Seems to operate on two levels, one in everyday affairs about which they go cheerfully, and the other on a higher plane, as if their thoughts are elsewhere. “—Ruth Montgomery

Violence vs Kindness

Throughout my life, I’ve known people who help others—unpretentious people who ask nothing in return. The nightly news features people who open soup kitchens for the needy, adopt special needs children, and travel to areas to assist others after a disaster.

I’m not trying to downplay the innate goodness of others, but I wonder… what makes the difference between a tree hugger and someone who thinks violence is the answer to problems? I recently read a news article that talked about human tendencies toward aggression. The journalist asked if violence is a part of human nature.

According to the article, humans and chimpanzees are the only species that kill their own kind. Most species kill for food or to protect their territory. The article asks if we inherited this violent nature from a common mysterious ancestor shared between chimps and humans; because, as the article states, the chimpanzee is the animal most closely related to humans.

Nature? Nurture? Or Something Else…

In today’s society, we consider ourselves highly sophisticated, yet violence seems to be rampant. But so are acts of goodness. Noting this, the argument that humans are by nature violent doesn’t add up. Many of us are not violent and avoid it at all costs.

What does this have to do with Walk-Ins? Montgomery urges the necessity to protect Walk-Ins.

There are not enough of them (Walk-Ins) in physical body to protect each other from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortuneIf one senses that a friend or acquaintance is a Walk-In he will be wise to keep it to himself or to speak quietly of his belief to that person, without spreading it around.” 

Montgomery wrote the above in 1978. One must wonder if now is the time to at least entertain the possibilities of Walk-Ins. Especially since we have the capabilities to connect with each other, anywhere around the world, via the internet. I hesitate asking if you believe Walk-Ins are possible because of Montgomery’s warning? So if you do, you don’t need to say. But, I bet I can guess.

My Research Continues

It wasn’t until I started my blog that I considered the idea of Walk-Ins again. I struggle with Montgomery’s statement that there are not enough Walk-Ins in physical form.

Maybe there are more than we think. Maybe, having lived before, Walk-Ins enter to guide us on a path away from violence and toward goodness. I’ve drawn this conclusion from my experience with Walk-Ins, and because, according to Montgomery, a Walk-In’s mission is to uplift and advance humankind.

A definite way to uplift and advance humans would be to guide us away from all the violence.

I have two more blogs I will write about Walk-Ins. In one, we will discuss the difference between Walk-Ins and Extraterrestrials, because I already know that some of my science fiction fans are asking: “Could a Walk-In be an ET?”

My next blog discusses the connection between the American Indian Ghost Dance Religion and Walk-Ins, and includes a theory I’ve had in the back of my mind for many years.

Hope to see you back next time. Until then, Happy Walk-In.

Clara Bush
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I was given a copy of her book in the late 1980s by someone who talked with me during a music recording project. He said I should read it.

I am a mathematician, a physicist, a computer engineer, a surreal artist, a composer-musician, and a story-teller.

My consciousness emerged in a human body-brain that had total amnesia from an accident when it was fourteen. I shared the body-brain with two other conscious entities until I was in my twenties, when one of the entities departed.

I used my life is to describe and examine this reality of atoms that manifests when a certain kind of energy illuminates the ocean of uncertainty (non-existence) until enough certainty can manifest an existence. It is a sort of science project to prove or disprove theories about the mind, the universal mind, and a hyper-mind and their connections.

I am particularly fascinated with human communication as it seems to mimic (approximate) the information exchange in a hyper-mind.
Tom Repasky
My studio
The story of my life
My art

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for visiting my website and commenting so beautifully. You are the only other person I’ve come into contact with who acknowledges having hosted Walk-Ins. Your research sounds fascinating. I would love to know more if you would want to share.

As I said on our google+ community, I look forward to reading your book.

Absolute perfection. While I do not think I have hosted a Walk-In yet…I have lots of time left on earth (hopefully) to experience one. I hope I will get the chance. I do think I am a star seed.

So glad to hear from you again, Frosty. (Such a cute name. ) I love that you have returned. I hope you continue to visit and comment often. From your comments I can tell you give to others beautiful, positive energy. I definitely believe you are a star seed. Thank you for your support.

Oh Clara! I love how you write. I wanted the article to keep going.

For me, I don’t know if I’m sharing myself with a walk-in or if I’ve always been as I am.
It is interesting to think about, the possibilities! Everything is possible.

I remember reading Montgomery’s “Strangers Among Us” back in the 70’s/80’s and wondered how I’d even know if one slipped in.

Here’s a question I don’t remember the answer, can we have more than one walk-in and can a walk-in be a master teacher? I often wondered if Christ had a walk in or 2 in order to share his message of compassionate love with humanity.

Thank you, Clara… Your writing hooks me!❤️

Gosh Sue, you just made my day, month, year…thank you. So happy you found the information interesting. And yes, everything is possible. I don’t believe humankind has even begun to explore all the world has to offer. Many people are too closed minded or too scared to ask the important questions, imagine the possibilities, and then accept that those possibilities might actually be real. Because if they’re real, then their entire belief system is challenged, and it’s easier to accept that what we’ve been told is truth than to question.

When I hosted my first Walk-In, I knew immediately I was different. I didn’t know the reason until a bit later. My last Walk-In I wasn’t aware she’d crept in until she left and I felt her energy journey onward. As far as hosting two Walk-Ins, I never have so it’s hard for me to answer, but it is possible, except I have to wonder if their purposes might conflict. It would have to be two Walk-Ins whose missions could coexist, I would think.

Jesus. Hmm. The more I mediate on Jesus, the more of a mystery he becomes. He was truly guided. By Walk-Ins? Hard to say but very possibly. Religions tell us, if we believe in Jesus we will be saved. However, I think some folks who call themselves christians leave out one very important aspect of His teachings. And that is: just believing in Jesus won’t save you. He was sent to us to show us how to live our lives, and that is with humility and love for all of the Creator’s beings, wanting only good things for others.

Yet many for those so-called christians preach hate toward those who are different and resort to violence to get their way. I don’t believe this is the example Jesus set.

Thank again for your comment and great questions. You really made me think and dig deeper, which I thoroughly enjoyed on this stormy night in June.

I agree with everything you had written in this reply.

Reminds me of the quote (Sinclair Lewis?) “We know fascism has come to America when it comes wrapped in a flag carrying a Bible.”

Stay bright and shine your light and drive out the darkness.❤️🌟😍

Thanks for writing about all this. I’ve always been interested. As far as I know I’ve never had a walk-in. I’ve read some books on subjects like this though.
I’m still having trouble with not being able to use the ‘like’ button on WP, and have to log in to everything, even my own blog each time. Anyway, I like this post! <3

Thank you, Barbara. Walk-Ins have fascinated me since first learning of them. I’m glad you found the blog informative. I’ve been trying to post comments to your blog. But for some reason it won’t let me. I’ll have to investigate to see if I can figure it out.

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