Extraterrestrials Walk-Ins

Walk-Ins and Extraterrestrials. 5 Ways They’re Different.

Some of my science fiction readers asked: “Could a Walk-In be an Extraterrestrials?” Two of my favorite Extraterrestrial movies are Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the 1956 version, and Invasion from Mars, 1953. You just can’t beat the creepy-as-crap oldies. In both films, aliens descend to Earth and take over a human’s body.  In recent […]

HIstory Religion Walk-Ins

The Ghost Dance Religion

The Native American’s Ghost Dance Religion scared the hell out of white men. So much so, the white man did everything in his power to squelch the practice of this religion. Why did white men fear it so much? White men had taken Native American lands, their power, their buffalo, and destroyed their beliefs. So […]

Paranormal Supernatural Walk-Ins

Do You Host a Walk-In?

Where did winter go? Or summer—for my Aussie cousins? As I stare out my office window, my Aspens dance their signature solos as they embrace their shades of summer green. It was only days before mountain chickadees perched on my Aspens’ naked branches, hunting for the seeds I scatter. They plucked sunflower hearts and nyjer […]

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