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Starseeds: Who are they?

“We are star stuff which has taken its destiny into its own hands.” —Carl Sagan (Image by Kristendawn from Pixabay)

I celebrate my fifth year of blogging in March and feel the need to bring forward some of my older posts to update and revise. One of the topics that seems of particular interest to many readers is Starseeds.  I thought this would be a great subject to start off the New Year. I mean, who doesn’t need a Starseed in their life right now?

Starseeds: Who are they?

Wikipedia refers to Starseeds as Star People, a Native American spiritual concept according to the book Hidden Mysteries by Joshua David Stone, PHD. This New Age, fringe theory, as Wikipedia calls it, was first introduced by Brad Steiger in his 1976 book Gods of Aquarius. Steiger describes Star People as: “humans who come from a special gene pool linked to visits by extraterrestrials.”

I’ve discovered the best way to identify a Starseed is to examine individuals around us.  Those with whom we come in contact, and who seem somehow different. Unique. They don’t fit in. Our society has a habit of labeling these individuals weird. These weirdos project an otherworldly singularity. Two examples, from my personal observations, follow.

Starseed Example # 1. My First Starseed Encounter.

Affluents—who wouldn’t dare set a foot out the door without wearing designer instead of Walmart. Image by Pexels from Pixabay

My granddaughter attended a celebrated private school for several years. On occasions when I shuttled her to school, I amused myself with the comings and goings of The Affluents. (We are not of that class. My granddaughter attended their school at a discount because my daughter taught there.)

Doctors, lawyers, real estate moguls, and the rest of the population—who wouldn’t dare set a foot out the door without wearing designer instead of Walmart—flocked in and out of the kid-unload-zone looking more like the cover of “Vogue” than parents dropping off their tykes.

On one such outing, I noticed a woman. She didn’t fit the norm for this school—bespectacled, long-flowing skirt, flip-flops, and bed-head hair. She toted an infant in a sling across her chest and dragged another behind. Even though the young woman arrived late, she sang as she hurried to the front doors. She kissed her little daughter a sweet good-bye, sat on a bench in the shade, unbuttoned her blouse and nursed her demanding infant.

Affluents eyed her with disdain, to which she replied, “Hello. Beautiful day, isn’t it?” Some nodded, others ignored, and some just scurried quickly by and avoided eye contact at all costs.

A Bit of Magic

For me, it was a magical sight. Day after day, I watched for the young mother—always late, always in a hurry, but always finding time to sing to her children. I became fascinated with her courage.

At school functions, she was the one who stood out. She wore the same clothes she’d worn the day before and the week before. Her children were the loudest and most unruly in comparison to the others. Yet, she greeted stares with a smile and some pleasantry of sorts.

I asked my daughter about the bohemian. My daughter taught theatre to the youngest of the children at this school—a feat worthy of recognition in itself.

“Oh, Lisa’s mom,” my daughter smiled and handed me a card. “She sends me a note at least once a week complimenting, supporting, and encouraging me. A motivating gesture which none of the other parents, teachers, or administrators do.”

The card read: Thank you for working so hard with the children and including all of them in your production. All was underscored twice. Important to note because a couple of complaints had been voiced against my daughter for including all the children in her productions instead of only, “The Talented.” I bet you can guess which parents they were.

My daughter clutched the card to her chest and corralled her wards into a bevy of order, then paused and turned back to me. “Her cards keep me going. They are an affirmation that I am doing what is right. Lisa’s mom calls herself a Starseed.”

Starseed? What? My interest in the concept was justly stoked. Whether it be New Age, fringe theory, or  extraterrestrial didn’t matter, I needed to find out more about such individuals. So my research began. 

Was Lisa’s mom a Starseed? Image by Ben Frieden from Pixabay

Was Lisa’s mom a Starseed? What do you think? Her mission does seem to be to teach those around her to enjoy the world, to accept others as they are not as you think they should be, and to encourage our teachers. A strong and needed mission in light of our current political atmosphere. 

(Please do not interpret my definition of Starseeds as those who are not into designer apparel. Just seems to me that Starseeds are far less concerned about appearances and more into showing we Earthlings a different way to live, be at peace, and be happy.)

Starseed Example #2:  Reflecting on My Past Starseed Encounters.

In light of learning that the young mother referred to herself as a Starseed, and after researching this topic, I examined other areas of my life in which I might have encountered such a being.

I taught drama to junior high kids for five years. Of all school ages, this is probably the hardest in regards to bullying and taunting. My drama class was a big draw to the those students who didn’t fit into sports, band, or art, but also a big draw to those popular kids who loved to act. It made for an interesting chemistry on a daily basis. A chemistry which was a learning experience for me as well as the students.

Sam, a smidgen of a girl. Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

The first day of the new fall semester, Samantha walked into my class. She was a tiny round, smidgen of a girl who giggled and smiled at everything. According to the counselor, her intelligent quotient fell within the retarded range.

A beauty named, Liv. Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

Twenty-four other eighth graders entered my class that day. A beauty named, Liv, was among them. Using The Lord of the Rings as a backdrop, if Sam were a hobbit then Liv was an elf.

Sam often laughed loudly at inappropriate times. She wrote every boy in the eighth grade a love note, and she stalked, for days, anyone who complimented her. First semester, the other students ignored her. For this reason, I worried about second semester when duet and ensemble work would begin.

Would she find a partner or would the others in the class ignore her as they had done first semester?

Who Would Chose Sam?

The day came for the students to choose their partner for impromptu scenes. Important to note, Liv had gained class recognition as the most talented. Obviously, when I announced to choose a partner, everyone turned to her in hopes.

Hence, Sam sat in the far back corner that day—her eyes downcast, hands fidgety in her lap—she peered at me occasionally from atop her bifocals. Generally, Sam was overlooked by her classmates, and the last one chosen,  even in sports. She must have thought it would be the same that day. 

Elegant Liv, the first to make a move, stood and walked to Sam, put her hand out and said, “Samantha, would you please be my partner?” The child-like eighth grader placed her hand in Liv’s as she wiped away tears with her other hand, and nodded. Her plump baby face sprouted the biggest smile I’d ever seen. 

That year, the pair won first place in duet acting voted on by their peers. During Sam’s remaining school days—even after graduation and beyond—her classmates accepted her and her uniqueness. How do I know this? I see her in town often. She works as a cashier at the local grocery store.  She is always smiling and always has a hug for me and everyone else. No downcast eyes. No fidgety hands. Just that bigger-than-life smile. 

Which of the two girls is the Starseed? Liv or Sam? I wonder. Starseeds do exist, I believe, because I have known a few in my lifetime. They teach me how to be a better Earthling.

How Did Starseeds Come to Be?

A big bang and bits of future humans descended to Earth. Image by Vicki Lynn from Pixabay

The Big Bang theory and supernovas are common scientific explanations for how Earth began. It is generally believed, the cataclysmic explosion of a huge star delivered the elements found on Earth such as gold, nickel, carbon, nitrogen, iron, lead and uranium. Were starseed origins delivered in a similar fashion? Perhaps the very core of human existence might be found in stardust, and perhaps these starseeds’ initial inception might be extraterrestrial. This concept of Starseeds, is it too far-fetched to consider?

From my research, I formulated the following definition of Starseeds.

Starseeds are entities existing on Earth but not of the Earth. They know, without a doubt, there is so much more to life and the universe than what they have been taught by parents, in school, by religions, and by society.

They search for an understanding as to why they are here, but possess an obsessive drive to complete the mission for which they have been sent. At every turn, they sense a guiding force in their life that cannot be explained by accepted Earthling beliefs. For this reason, they feel alone and sometimes seek refuge in a fantasy world. They long for the day they return to their beginnings.

What do you think?

Do Starseeds exist? And of the individuals described here, who do you think best depicts a Starseed? The young mother? Sam? Liv?

Is there a Starseed in your life? Are you one? If you are not sure, my next blog offers a list of typical Starseed characteristics.

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