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Characteristics of a Starseed. You May Be a Starseed.

In my last blog, I attempted to define and identify the phenomenon known as Starseeds. I also wrote I’d present a list of the characteristics of a Starseed in my next blog. So you could decide if you might be one. I planned to release that list in a blog the very next week, but […]

Science Fiction Starseeds

Starseeds: Who are they?

I celebrate my fifth year of blogging in March and feel the need to bring forward some of my older posts to update and revise. One of the topics that seems of particular interest to many readers is Starseeds.  I thought this would be a great subject to start off the New Year. I mean, […]

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The Mysterious Crystal Gene. 8 Things You Didn’t Know.

Updated March 7, 2020 During my research on Walk-Ins and Starseeds, one term continually popped up. The Crystal Gene. It’s a concept I hadn’t encountered before. Individuals who have a Walk-In or believe themselves a Starseed possess what is called a Crystal Gene. A primitive gene connected to our original beginnings that, once activated, keeps […]

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