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Characteristics of a Starseed. You May Be a Starseed.

Starseeds have an intense sense of aloneness. Image by PhotoVision from Pixabay

In my last blog, I attempted to define and identify the phenomenon known as Starseeds. I also wrote I’d present a list of the characteristics of a Starseed in my next blog. So you could decide if you might be one. I planned to release that list in a blog the very next week, but as life too often does, a curveball sliced through my writing goals.

My husband, an avid skier, searches  several weather forecasts each day to find the perfect skiing conditions at Wolf Creek Ski Mountain. The day I posted my last blog, a friend, with whom he was skiing, called to tell me he’d been in an accident. After three trips to three different emergency rooms—one involving an emergency starflight from Pagosa Springs to the Colorado Springs’s trauma center—he is okay. He is now capable of doing things for himself, which was not the case a week ago. 

Hence, our investigation into Starseeds continues. As I said in my last blog, for the next several posts, I will be revising and updating some of my more popular, older blog posts.

Starseeds vs Earthlings

Starseeds feel like outsiders, like they don’t belong. Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Have you ever asked yourself why you feel lonely even though you have people in your life who are close to you and who care? You ever wonder why you don’t seem to belong to the family in which you were born? Have you ever asked: “Is everyone but me an alien?”

These questions have haunted me since a child. And still do. 

If you have ever asked these same questions, possibly you are something different—special—and everyone else is an Earthling. Maybe you live on Earth, but are not of this World. Perhaps you are a Starseed. 

List of  Starseed Characteristics


  • Have an intense sense of loneliness.
  • Feel as if they don’t belong in their Earth family.
  • Have a fascination with the stars.
  • Feel as though their home is out there, but can’t remember where. So they search.
  • Begin to question the ways of Earth at an early age.
  • May be considered the black sheep of their family.
  • Are drawn to metaphysics and seek answers as to why they feel so alone.
  • Don’t seem to fit-in with earthly values.
  • Have an adversarial relationship with a parent.
  • Have lower than normal body temperature and an inability to handle heat.

Other Less Common Traits of  Starseeds

  • They feel drawn to do grid and vortex work.
  • Their blood work shows abnormal ANA and the doctors have no explanation.
  • They have acute hearing and smell.
  • Are sensitive to loudness of all sorts: people, music, theaters, television, traffic, barking dogs.
  • Experience the need to get away from what Earthlings term “normal” people. 
  • Feel the need to be alone or seek others like them.
  • Are empathic.
  • Have a desire to heal others.
  • Question formal religion but know there is a greater power—a Creator.
  • Experience a deep connection to animals.
  • They find artificial overhead lighting harsh and intolerable.
  • Have an aversion to violence, fighting, and war. And feel strongly there is always a better path than war and harming others.
  • If a Starseed and his/her mother is a Starseeds, she will resemble her mother facially, but have the body of her father. If his father is from off planet, then he will have his facial features and his mother’s body. Offworlders’s physical features show up in the faces of their offspring, who are also Starseeds.

Additional Starseed Characteristics

  • Growing up they had imaginary friends.
  • Are often accused of living in a dream world.
  • Display an uncanny storehouse of knowledge, insight, and intuition others do not.
  • Feel as if they have lived before, and may have experienced out-of-body or near-death experiences.
  • Experience paranormal activity and/or possess psychic abilities.

(Sources of information for creating a complete list Starseed characteristics: The Nibiruan Council  and IN5D and Loner Wolf.)

Are You a Starseed?

After my first Starseed blog, several of my readers emailed me and asked me if I considered myself a Starseed. Though I identify with many of the characteristics of Starseeds, my bond to Earth is strong. My soul seems to have been planted among the seeds of Earth rather than outer space.

But what about you? Do you feel your energies are linked to Earth or to distant stars and planets? 

However, in my opinion, the above is an unfair question. If you are a Starseed, I don’t think you would broadcast it, instead I think you would live your life quietly. And the way you live your life would lead to your discovery. That is, if others are paying attention.

You would be quick to help Earthlings and quick to resolve disputes by peaceful means. You would never expect something in return for the guidance, information, or healing you offer. Everything you did would be to help mankind and Earth often to the point of neglecting your own needs.

(In my January 31, 2020 blog post. I describe two individuals I’ve encountered and believe to be Starseeds.)

Simply Put

Starseeds exist on Earth but are not of the Earth. Even as children they intuitively know there is so much more to the World, to the Universe, to all of life than they are being taught. They love the Earth and its inhabitants and wish no harm to anyone. They want only to guide and offer their positive energy to humankind.


I’ve been criticized for believing in Starseeds. But then again, I’ve been criticized for many of my beliefs. Are Starseeds just New Age poopoo, as some suggest? Or is there something to it? I’d love to hear your opinion. 

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2 replies on “Characteristics of a Starseed. You May Be a Starseed.”

Hi Clara ! So happy to hear the great news that Coach is healing back to his normal self . I have followed your blogs & can relate . You know I’ve struggled with my family for years & never felt like I belonged to them , always an outsider . My mother used to visit a psychic & she would always warn my mother about me , that I would destroy our family, my mother would tell me about their meetings when she was angry with me . I never could understand why she would want to turn a mother against a child but she succeeded.
A few years ago I had an out of body experience but it was while I was sleeping. I remember leaving my body & playing amongst the planets & stars . Soaring high , flipping , flying from star to star – through the galaxy feeling so free & finally at home, the feeling of familiarity . I could hear them calling me back ( I don’t know who they were ) but they called me & assured me I could come again . I didn’t want to leave , I finally felt alive & at peace . I remember seeing my body & turning back to plead to stay with them . They told me to quietly go back that my children needed me , they promised I would see them again. When I woke up I can’t describe how amazing I felt , only that I felt refreshed as if I had been on a month long vacation with plenty of sleep and no stress ! The feeling lasted for days , my energy level was through the roof & life was so good . I told my husband about it & I could only describe it as traveling dimensions while I slept & how the others there were so inviting & loving . Since then , I’ve looked into it as much as I could & there are people who have experienced similar encounters, they call it traveling .
Some believe demons are the “others” & they take you to the place of belonging to tempt you . I’m not sure what I believe but I do believe the psychic was demonic & that the home I grew up in was cursed & that demons tormented each member of my family in different ways ,and they were always scratching at my skin to get in .
That’s my experience, I know there is so much more to this world than we see every day . Still trying to find my purpose & where I belong .

What a beautiful experience, Miranda.You will never know how much your words have touched me. I too have had similar out-of-body experiences and often feel I don’t belong, especially in the family in which I was born. I just didn’t fit. Anywhere. And I couldn’t figure out why. While living in Burnet, at the lake, I became friends with an amazing woman. She supported me and encouraged my writing. And for the first time, I felt as if I did belong. She opened up my eyes to all the possibilities my religious upbringing failed to teach. From that point on, like you, I have searched for more answers, more meanings, to all that is not readily revealed. I’m proud of you for not accepting the “normal” beliefs our society so encourages us to believe. I think you have found your purpose:Let others know there is so much more to our world than we are being told. Thank you for sharing your story, little Starseed. –Clara

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