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The Vampire Diaries. I’ve Lost That Loving Feelin’



Yes, confession—I’m a fan of The Vampire Diaries and have been since its premiere September 2009. I remember those Thursdays I’d write all day. That night I’d shut down my computer and rush—with a plate of nachos— to watch  my recorded episode of TVD.

I was spellbound by the mysterious world of Mystic Falls and the Salvatore brothers. Of course Ian Somerhalder had much to do with that enchantment. I’ve been a fan of his since Lost.

Bitten’s Greyston Holt

Recently, however, I’m forcing myself to watch the next episode. After last Thursday’s episode—when Elena takes the cure—I decided to pick my thoughts on why I’d rather watch SyFy’s Bitten or 12 Monkeys or Helix than TVD. I mean none of those have anyone close to comparing to Somerhalder. Although Greyston Holt as Clayton Danvers runs a close second.

So why do I keep watching?

5 Things to Love In Season 6

  1. Ian Somerhalder
  2. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) trapped in a time warp. = Damon makes pancakes for Bonnie.
  3. Evil Kai (Chis Wood) absorbs his brother and gets some of his goodness. = Self-proclaimed sociopath becomes a tad nice.
  4. Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Carolina (Candice Accola) flirt. = Characters everyone likes find each other, maybe.
  5. The Salvatore brother’s mother, Lily (Annie Wersching), had a thing going on with Enzo (Michael Malarkey). = Heated romance possibility between a younger man and older—much older—woman. Ever since Elena (Nina Dubrew) and Damon hooked up, and Carolina and werewolf Tyler (Michael Trevino) broke up, the heat in TVD has been anything but hot. Bring the heat back Vampire Diaries. Please.


5 Things So Over

  1. Five of the total 22 episodes in Season 6 were devoted to Carolina’s mother (Margueritte MacIntyre) dying of cancer. Writers decided she needed to go, okay, but for five freaking episodes viewers who liked Sheriff Forbes were raked over Carolina’s suffering and their own again and again. Really? Kill her already and be done with it. Should’ve taken one episode. = Talk about turn off. So much for Vampire Diaries heat. I thought I was watching some reality TV show rather than fantasy.
  2. With the death of her mom, Carolina turns off her humanity. Then forces Stefan to turn his off, which he previously did, and which Elena did at one point, and Momma Salvatore hates her sons and has no humanity at all because she is a Ripper which is what Stefan is also. It even sounds silly as I write. = So over the Ripper/On/Off Humanity switch. Really. Again. Be done with it.
  3. Elena takes the cure. = HoeHum. Haven’t we been here before?
  4. Elena takes the cure. = Really? You’re a gorgeous vampire, who can control your lust for human blood, you want to become a doctor and help others, you will stay young and beautiful FOREVER with Damon by your side and you opt for humanity. Please, someone send for Bella.
  5. Damon considers taking cure. = Ditto. Same as above. We like Damon because he embraces his vampirism. Good on ya, Damon, as my Aussie cousin would say. So we love him for that. There’s none of the whining: “Oh, I’m  a vampire. Oh no. Boohoo. I want to be a human and suffer.” That’s not why I choose to watch fantasy over reality.



In my research today, I discovered something that might explain the pitfalls in my beloved Vampire Diaries series.

ProbeNote: The series is based on L.J. Smith’s  popular books by the same name.

ProbeNote: There is not much chatter about it, but apparently in 2011 L.J. Smith was fired by her publisher, Alloy Entertainment, after a dispute over a plot twist. A ghostwriter was hired to finish the episode and subsequent Diaries have been ghostwritten as well.

If the creator of TVD, is no longer involved in the production of the series, perhaps this has caused the lapse in the overall effect of the horror, fantasy drama. After all, only the creator truly knows her characters, plot, original intent, and eventual ending.


Are you a Vampire Diaries fan? I’d love to hear your thoughts on their past and current storylines or your loves and hates in Season 6 or any of the seasons. Who is your favorite character? Did you know Elena will not be returning for Season 7?


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2 replies on “The Vampire Diaries. I’ve Lost That Loving Feelin’”

Since reading Stoker’s “Dracula” late at night in a century-old (at least it seemed so) dormitory in a staid Virginia prep school, nearly everything vampire has — dare I say?— paled in comparison. So I’ve never gotten bitten with the myriad of vampire movies, TV shows, etc. , although I’ve seen a range.
Once, at a camp in the mountains of North Carolina when the whole camp was sleeping under the stars, the counselor lying face up in his sleeping bag scared the heck out of me, as I really thought he was a vampire.
I put my vote in for the British version of Being Human. Gad, the British do so many things before we Americans — and seem to do a much better job of it (can we go back under the monarchy, please?). The American version is a hack job.
I’m also going to put in an unsolicited, unpaid pitch for Clara’s usage of Native American lore in her Mesquite Anthology. The combination of the western vistas and that lore is not just enticing, but mesmerizing.

Hi Skip— Wow!Thank you for the pitch and stopping by. AND commenting. I love the comments. You are right, there is nothing like the classics. But I do love Anne Rice’s vampire Lestat and his adventures. I will put down the Brit’s “Being Human” on my to watch list. I tried watching the American version a couple of times, but really couldn’t get into it. I fell in love with BBC’s “Torchwood,” “Sherlock” and “Dr. Who”. They do have a knack at creating television series with flair. They also appear to be a bit more inclined to run a science fiction series than US television.

Readers check out Skip’s books on Amazon. He has a delightful children’s book titled “Stinky and the Night Mare” and a very creepy collection of scary stories in his book “Through the Glass Darkly.” You’re sure to be checking under your bed for monsters!

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