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Writer Talks to DNA. Session #2 —The Problem With Having Only One Brain

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WRITER: DNA, you awake? It’s Saturday morning we gotta blog.

DNA: You’re early. Go away. We blog on Mondays. Snore.
Sleeping cat. Clara bush blog
WRITER: Wake up. We must do our blog early this week. I’m going for a cuppa Earl Grey. Be awake when I get back. We need to tell everyone.
DNA: Snore.
(Silence and then the wheel of doom)
Macintosh waiting symbol
WRITER: Are you freaking kidding me! Forget you. I’m getting paper and pen. I’ll teach you to go all rainbow on me.
(Writer goes to kitchen and grabs a cuppa tea and a Pamela’s Cranberry Almond Whenever Bar—they’re great BTW—and returns to talk to DNA. DNA is her computer’s name. Click here if you want to know why she calls her computer DNA. Hey, it’s better than Spot, right?)
DNA: Where’s the paper and pen?
WRITER: I scared you didn’t I?
(Computer screen flickers.)
WRITER: Seriously?
DNA: Scared you, didn’t I?  So what’s up chief? Been a while.
WRITER: Yeah. Been busy. Finished novella 4 and almost done with my YA novel The Other Kind.
DNA: So that’s what all the banging was a about. I thought my brains were going to explode.
WRITER: You have more than one brain?
DNA: Well, yeah. Like billions all converging into little old me. Don’t you have more than one brain?
WRITER: I don’t want to talk about it.
DNA: Can I go back to sleep then? My brains hurt already.
WRITER: No. Big doings. Our website is changing. And I’m getting eye surgery.
DNA: This involves me how, exactly?
WRITER: Well, not the eye surgery. Don’t you remember last week’s blog?
DNA: Give me a second. Checking. Oh yeah. There. Okay. Eye Surgery. Good luck with that. You do have a difficult time seeing my eyes board. Miss letter. Delete. Miss letter. Delete. Miss letter. Delete. Delete. Delete. You know the routine. It’s annoying you know.
WRITER: Hmmm. Never thought about it.
DNA: Did you get that? Eyes board instead of key board. Good one, huh?
WRITER: Anyway, because of the eye surgery, I need to let my readers know that I won’t be able to do a blog for about a week.
DNA: So do a blog now.
WRITER: That’s what we’re doing. Haven’t you been listening? But next Monday, I may not be able to see so good. I may have to skip.
DNA: If you had more than one brain, you could do two blogs today.
WRITER: I don’t want to talk about it.
DNA: You brought it up. Just saying. How’s our website changing?
WRITER: We’ve been on Blogger, but we’re moving to WordPress. Everyone says that they get better results with WordPress and it’s easier.
DNA: Easier for you sounds like a good thing.
WRITER: Don’t be tacky.
DNA: Didn’t you know? Tacky is my middle name. DNA Tacky…? Hey, I need a last name.
WRITER: We’ll work on that. Anyway, besides converting to WordPress, our blog will be our new landing page. So make us look good.
DNA: That sounds like a great idea. How’d you come up with that with only one brain?
WRITER: It took me over a year, but we’re going to be up in running soon with our new look. So tell our readers to stay tuned. Change is a comin’!
DNA: Change is a good thing.
WRITER: So they say. Maybe I should get a new computer. Change, you know. One that doesn’t insist on a name. One that isn’t tacky to me.


Robot handing balloon to girl
DNA: You’d miss me.
WRITER: Yeah, I would.


2 Robots top image on Flickr by Adam Koford
Sleeping Kitty image on Pixabay by Nemo
Robot/Little Girl image on Pixabay by Dieter_G


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I’m with Diloboi on this one, that was adorkable.
Also this here site is looking all kinds of slick, how are you finding wordpress so far?

And thanks for the shout out 😉

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