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Interview with a Shapesifter

Shapeshifting dominates myths, legends, folklore, and fairy tales as far back as we can trace. Some even believe Jesus was a shapeshifter. They believe this is why Judas betrayed him with a kiss. Otherwise he could have just described Jesus to the soldiers. But, since Jesus could change his shape, Judas used a kiss. Even […]

Extraterrestrials Fiction

13 Best ET Pick-Up Lines

During my brief summer sabbatical, I entertained several of my childhood friends for nightly card games. My childhood friends—which my parents claimed to be imaginary—had, like me, grown up and were interested in more adult problems rather than scaring the neighbors, or kids’ games such as Hide and Boo or Murder in the Graveyard. During […]

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Ellipses…Guidelines for Their Safe Use In Fiction

Deviating from the weird and wonderful, the next two blogs will deal with writer business. I know. I feel your pain. But I receive so many hits on my blogs on ellipses and em dashes, it’s time to update. I’ve procrastinated long enough.  Much confusion surrounds the use of ellipses — a series of three […]

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