A 700-Year-Old Valentine’s Story Discovered—Skeletons Holding Hands.


We just said good-bye to Valentine’s Day 2015 and I hope it met or exceeded your expectations. As for me, I did a Game of Thrones marathon and watched the science fiction movie Lucy with my husband, and I can say, one of the best VDays ever. (I am not a flowers and chocolate type of girl. I’ll pick a science fiction, fantasy, supernatural festival over flowers any day. ) 
I also caught up on SyFy’s Helix—worth a looksy if you haven’t already. Helix has so many themes going on it’s like the great escape of science fiction. One in particular was the revelation to viewers that there are immortals in the series and not of the vampire variety—kind of going back to the good old days of Highlander
Which brings me to my post Valentine’s Day question, if you are currently involved with the person you could see yourself being with for all eternity, would you?

 Hugo Knows Best

The Short of It
Seven-hundred-year-old entwined skeletons were found in the Lost Chapel.

The Long of It

In September 2014, University of Leicester’s archeologists announced the discovery of skeletons holding hands. The find was made amongst the ruins of the Chapel of St. Morrell in England’s Leicestershire County. 

The Chapel, also referred to as the Lost Chapel, is thought to be the site of pilgrimages during medieval times. Further evidence suggests that the hilltop may have been the location of a Roman temple
Eleven skeletons in all were uncovered in the Lost Chapel’s cemetery. The skeletons of the man and woman holding hands are the only bodies found occupying the same grave. 
All remains were buried east to west in the Christian tradition. Radiocarbon dating indicates that the individuals lived in the 14th century.
Why the bodies were buried here and not the main church in the village is unknown. Speculations include that this was perhaps a special burial site for pilgrims or that these individuals were denied burial in the main church because they were criminals, foreigners, or diseased. 
Photo Credit: downloaded from University of Leicester Archaeological Services


THOUGHT QUESTIONS: Why were this man and woman buried together? 
Even in today’s age of romance, seldom are lovers buried together. 
AND why are they embracing?
Most befitting are the lines that end Victor Hugo’s classic The Hunchback of Norte Dame.

…they found among all those hideous carcasses two skeletons, one of which held the other in its embrace. One of these skeletons, which was that of a woman, still had a few strips of a garment which had once been white, and around her neck was to be seen a string of adrézarach beads with a little silk bag ornamented with green glass, which was open and empty. These objects were of so little value that the executioner had probably not cared for them. The other, which held this one in a close embrace, was the skeleton of a man. It was noticed that his spinal column was crooked, his head seated on his shoulder blades, and that one leg was shorter than the other. Moreover, there was no fracture of the vertebrae at the nape of the neck, and it was evident that he had not been hanged. Hence, the man to whom it had belonged had come thither and had died there. When they tried to detach the skeleton which he held in his embrace, he fell to dust. 

The Writer In Me

Looking for other alternatives, I offer the following.

A supernatural explanation…

The male skeleton looks as though his mouth is open and laughing 
(macabre laughter here). 
They were witchy lovers buried together so that when their bodies were unearthed their 14th century supernatural powers would be unleashed on an unsuspecting 21st century. Little did they know our times would be ever scarier. 
And how about a science fiction twist? 

This couple—who were very, very, very much in love—was abducted by a lonely alien space gypsy. They travel with him to other universes, other worlds, and multiple dimensions ridding galaxies of aggressive, invading sky lords. The couple—after many light years—grew weary (or were injured) and asked to be returned to Earth. The space gypsy buried them together to rest-in-peace until discovery. At which time, they will rejoin the space gypsy for many more galactic adventures. (The above paragraph is ©)

I love hearing from you. Do you have a science fiction, paranormal, and/or theory as to why the bodies were buried together and entwined?

Okay. Yes, I agree. There is probably a lovey-dovey plausible explanation—like romance, flowers and chocolate type of explanation—but really, what’s the fun in that?
Let me know what you think. 

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