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There is so much information alive and constantly evolving on the web, it has become massive and overwhelming. Like a Beast. Sometimes, to the point you just want to shut your DNA (code for computer) down and go watch TV. If you can relate, perhaps here is some help.


I search the web at great lengths for those little tidbits of information that might in some way enlighten your every day existence. And mine. During my search, I stumble across blogs (used synonymously with the term website) that are a big waste of my time, and I assume yours as well, like the person posting is talking about painting her toenails, or the latest in duck tape purses, or how to pick your nose in public undetected. 

Although picking you nose in public undetected might be an area I need to consider, it’s not what I want from a blog.

Here are the links to blogs that offer something that fits into the categories of: science fiction, informative, humorous, clever, well-written, interesting crap, writing stuff, and need to know. This is a list in no particular order of relevance. For details on each blog fast scroll to: THE LONG OF IT. 

(NOTE: If you are the creator of a blog and want to be considered in my noteworthy list AKA Best of the Beast AKA BOTB, please leave your link in the comment section or email me. BTW readers I will be adding and updating this list periodically.)

Since BLOG has become a hated word…

To be considered for BEST OF THE BEAST:

#1 The author must personally reply to comments left. (I test drive to make sure the blogger stays in contact with his/her readers.)

#2 Is an independent. Not a big guy with a big budget and/or tons of reporters. The creators of the blogs here linked are individuals with jobs, families, and writers trying to balance in a world of constant demands.

Remember, no particular order. Details for each blog are below, under THE LONG OF IT.

Science Fiction

Stranger Views

UFO Sightings Daily

For Writers

Huge Howey

Kristen Lamb

Good To Know Crap

Wait But Why

Humorous and Well Done

Travis Simmons

Little Plastic Castles


Science Fiction

Stranger Views  If you are a sci-fier looking for your next movie to watch or book to read, this blog does an outstanding job of bringing to light the undiscovered. Their missions statement:

The Stranger Views website is run by two guys (John Ridley and Graham Sim) who were united by their love of great science fiction shows beginning with the letter ‘F’: Firefly, Farscape and the little known Swedish classic Farnswargglee.

John eases you into his well-written reviews with grace and knowledge leading you into a frenzied state of mind screaming: “I gotta read this one!” and forcing you to go immediately to Amazon and either buy the book or add it to your wish list.

UFO Sightings Daily This is the real deal in the search for the latest developments in UFO sightings. It offers brief descriptions with dates and photos. Creator Scott C. Warning, who describes himself as a writer, teacher, and UFOlogist maintains this extraordinary up-to-date website devoted to UFO sightings and supporting the UFO community. NASA photos are posted on his website with links to the NASA website for verification of the photos. Many of these photos we never see or hear about, and yet they are slightly mind-blowing. From what I gather, Scott studies these images sent back from Mars by Curiosity and then reports his findings on his website. (There are lots of comments on this blog, but Scott doesn’t always comment.)

For Writers

Hugh Howey  Hugh Howey is author of the highly acclaimed, soon to be movie, sci-fi novel Wool. His blogs discuss a variety of topics from advice for writers, to trends in writing to his own works. He is a wealth of information for writers considering self-publishing. He is himself a self-published success story.

Kristen Lamb  Kristen Lamb is an excellent writer and offers motivation and vital information for writers of the twenty-first century. Information on branding, blogs, twitter, websites, and building a platform can be found on her blog. She will also give you a big kick in the ass of get-up-out-of-bed-and-get-to-writing by noting common pitfalls for the novice—as well as seasoned—writers.

Good To Know Crap
Wait But Why Two guys host this blog, Tim Urban and Andrew Finn. It is cleverly written and though they do touch on some sci-fi topics, they also delve into such matters as tipping and finding a life partner. Tim draws stick fingers to illustrate his posts. (Warning: Language is definitely NOT PG.)

Hard To Put Into A Category

Travis Simmons I featured Travis on one of my blogs earlier. He is an author and writes fantasy. His blog is humorous, sometimes angry (he calls these blogs his rants), often informative, and very personal. Not a cut and paste blog, but a blog with a heart and soul. (Language warning.) His topics range from fantasy, to sci-fi, to horror, to humor, advice on writing and rants.

Little Plastic Castles The name says it all. Creator is Myk Pilgrim. He just makes me laugh. This is also a blog with a real personality. He is a clever writer and never does he fail to put a smile on my face. He reviews books and movies and talks about his struggles as a writer. He wrote a two part blog on: To Kindle or Not To Kindle, which kept me wondering will he or won’t he??


If you google science fiction blogs, you will be surprised to find…not much. There is a list of the top 100 Science Fiction blogs, but it’s from 2009. Many of these blogs no longer exist. 

There are blogs like:

They are informative and well-written, but both have a staff of reporters.

SF Signal states in their submission policies: Please note that due to immense backlog, we no longer review self-published and vanity press works. Therefore, they are missing out on a lot of undiscovered talent, and review and promote those who are lucky enough to already have a helping hand in marketing their works. 

I am not a fan of this. 

Without self-published authors, we would have missed out on such greats as Huge Howey’s Wool, and readers would have much less to choose from if there were no self-published authors. The list would be limited to the same old talent and same old, same old tired prose that the big five traditional publishers deem worthy.

My list of Best of The Beast are blogs written by individuals trying to initiate their own brand of creativity into the world. Not a brand stamped NY’s Best.

Kurt Vonnegut says it best: The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable.

Did I miss a blog that you think is great. Please share. 

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The Probe—probing the unknown in science fiction, science, paranormal, fiction, ghosts, monsters, aliens, space, UFOs, strange, and weird. 

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