Godzilla 2014! Science Fiction Reality. Godzilla 2014 Plus One Yes, I realize it’s Wednesday and Writer Spider Street Fighter, and the day I blog about self-publishing a science fiction e-book or any fiction. But I did Gozilla at the IMax in 3D yesterday, and since I have been a huge Gozilla fan since the age of four; I couldn’t […]

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Monster Mash Monday. Thank you Berg and del Toro.

We all love. Love. Love. A good monster. I don’t mean good in the sense of Dudley Do Right good. I mean good as in—freaky me out, pee in my pants, look under the bed, scream my head off—good. Like Alien, Predator, Body Snatchers, Terminator, Skitters, Jeepers Creepers, The Blob, The Thing, The Tingler, Frankenstein, […]

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Nessie Is Back—Science Fiction Reality ?

Nessie is that you? We have been looking for you for decades? Or is it an alien who just wants to go home but can’t find his spacecraft. This unidentified image in the waters of the Loch Ness was taken unknowingly by an Apple map satellite. Science Fiction Reality— It’s fun to let our imaginations go […]

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