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Bathysphere and Its Pioneers of the Deep

I like science so weird it resembles fiction. While researching anglerfish, I ran across the Bathysphere and found it fascinating that on August 15, 1934, two men descended into depths of the ocean never before traveled. Background The first marine biologist to penetrate the perpetual darkness of deep sea, and observe and record deep sea […]

On Writing

Writing, 2 Must Dos and a Don’t

In my short history of self-publishing Science Fiction eBooks, there are several things I’ve learned. Profound mistakes to be more exact. I share below, three  important things which are a must if you are serious about becoming a writer. I don’t give a lot of advice on writing because there are tons of writers out […]

Living life as a writer On Writing

The Dark Hours. Living Life as a Writer

What I find most motivational during those dark hours of self-doubt is reading what other writers have to say. Summer invaded. Visitors. Camping trips. Family. And my writing went the way of dead spring flowers—faded, dismissed but never forgotten—praying for a rain endowed wind or a hungry bird to escort them to fertile fields. My […]

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