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50 Shades of Anglerfish—Worst Sex Ever.

Writing about monsters, one cannot deny fiction often copies real life. Unlike the kingdom of humans, the animal kingdom offers a wide variety of mating rituals and encounters. None more fascinating and/or horrifying than that of the anglerfish. I’m partial to this sexy creature, because I used the premise of the anglerfish for two of […]

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Ghost Hunt, Part 6. Ghost Town of Alta. Nikola Tesla, Are You Still Here?

Ghost towns have fascinated modern men for decades. Pioneers gathered their lives into traveling trunks or saddle bags, crawled onto horses, or into covered wagons and traveled West to chase their dreams. Often in such pursuits, they abandoned settlements to chase other dreams or to give up on the dreams that enticed them there in […]

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Dulce Base: Alien Research Facility. Ever Heard of It?

Updated 2020 I  began blog writing in March of 2014. One my first news tips was from a former student of mine on the topic of Dulce Base. I’d never heard of it and it even has a Wikipedia  entry on it. It’s an alleged secret underground alien base on the New Mexico/Colorado border. At […]

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