Confessions of a Science Fiction Writer. Confession #2: It’s My Last One

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Confessions from one of the all time great science fiction writers:

 “I was writing for me and 

I discovered that was the way to go…”

—Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury, the creator of such classics as Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles,  died at the age of 91 on June 5, 2012. A master of fantasy, science fiction, mystery and horror his works had an uncanny way of predicting the future before technology became a household word.

If you are a fan of Ray Bradbury, and even if you aren’t, this priceless video has several confessions important to writers and humans in general.

Keep an eye out for the moment at 1:36. You get a glimpse of his kitchen counter—three empty cans of Coors and an almost devoured brick of cheddar cheese. Then he dives in again for more cheese and beer from the fridge. Priceless!
My only question: Is that how you live to be 91? My husband is a firm believer in the medicinal qualities of cheddar cheese. He is never sick. And my mom and dad swore beer cured all aliments, and they lived healthy, active lives well into their eighties. Just saying.

My Confessions

1. My Wednesday’s Writer Spider Street Fighter blog posts don’t pull in as many readers as the science fiction posts do, so I will be devoting my blog strictly to science fiction. But if you have a writing question you would like answered or researched just comment below or send me an email and I will do my best to answer your question. (Use little envelope at upper right for email.) I am always researching and reading about writing.
2. Since I will become solely science fiction, I am considering a name change for my blog. I have been calling it Science Fiction Reality because so often science fiction becomes real. I’m thinking something catchy, innovative. If you have a suggestion, please pass it along.
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Stayed tuned to Monday’s blog featuring astrophysicist and geologist, Tom Arnold, for our adventure to the Lost World of volcanoes.

How about you?

In your imagination, what does your Lost World look like?


Got any great ideas for the name of my science fiction blog?

I love hearing from you.

To prove I love hearing from you, for those who share a comment, your name will be placed into THE MAGIC JAR. If you comment and link back to my blog from your blog, your name will be placed in the magic jar twice. On December 29, 2014, my alien friend ( or ghost) (or Walk-In) (or whoever is hanging around at the time) will reach into the jar and pull forth a name. That person can claim one of the following:

1. A Wyso/Danny ring handcrafted by my Native American friend, Neal Paquin of Santa Fe, NM, especially designed for my first novella, Wyso and the Other Creepy Kids on Gerard Street. (Picture of ring here at the bottom of blog post. ) Sizes for children, women, and men.  One of a kind design.

2. A $20 gift certificate to Amazon via email.

3. My opinion of the first twenty pages of your novel or novella. (Someone else’s opinion of my writing is something I look for every chance I get. Just thought you might be looking also.)

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6 replies on “Confessions of a Science Fiction Writer. Confession #2: It’s My Last One”

That Ray Bradbury video is incredible. I love hearing about persistence and the ways it pays off. I always imagined writing to be something where you write one great story, it gets picked up and then you go from there, but really, that is just the opposite. In truth you write a thousand stories and then you finally get one that is published for free. And then you write a thousand more and you get another. Writers are really just story tellers, with only a few stories that ever get told to most people, but once they are they are with people forever. I also loved learning that he thinks most of his original writing is shit, shows how growth works.

In your imagination, what does your Lost World look like?

Alright, I always like to imagine really bizarre plants like oversized normal plants. I think in my ideal undiscovered world there would be giant mountain laurels everywhere and the place smelled incredible. Because there was such a sweet smell throughout the air some animals developed to use scent as a way to lure their prey to them, maybe by emitting a savory smell. And then when you get close because you want just any smell different than the sweet mountain laurel, and you’re curios, suddenly you stumble in the a giant purple people eater that starts chomping on you! One horn and all ; ) Or something to that affect.

Got any great ideas for the name of my science fiction blog?

Woo Woo Wednesdays…
Howlin Mama Blog
Exploring Future Realities with Clara Bush
Sci-fi Realness

Hi Dillo,

Thank you for commenting. So glad you enjoyed the Ray Bradbury video. He is quite amazing.

And your Lost World—I never thought about the smells. Nice touch. I will have to remember that nice little tidbit.

But giant purple people eater? I thought only people from the 1950s knew about him.

Love all the blog names you offered. I failed to mention that for data and analytics I need Science Fiction in the name. Sorry. But keep them coming.

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