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In our high-tech world today, we look to space for our next great undiscovered secret, and I am definitely on board with that. However, there are LOST WORLDS here with us on earth!
mysterious Lost Worlds in our midst.

Lost Worlds: Did you know it is considered an entire literary genre all its own and that Sir H. Rider Haggard’s novel, King Solomon’s Mines, is noted as the genesis of the genre?

My mind always goes first to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World when I’m designing an undiscovered world. I think dinosaurs, tropical, and sometimes ape-men (Tarzan), as opposed to lost mines and adventurers. But that’s just me.

Recently on FaceBook, I connected with a classmate of mine from Cleburne High School and found out that all the time I was writing, he was actually exploring these Lost Worlds…and writing. In the next couple of blog posts, I have the honor of featuring Tom Arnold and his Lost Worlds.

A Little Background

Tom Arnold, my featured guest starting December 15, 2014, graduated from the University of Texas Pan American with degrees in Astrophysics and Geology, and has directed several planetariums around the country including those in: San Antonio, Texas; Hutchinson, Kansas; Columbia, South Carolina; and Dallas, Texas.

Using his geology background, he entered the oil industry and developed one of the first computer based drilling monitors and pore pressure detection systems deployed in the Gulf of Mexico. This method greatly decreased losses due to uncontrolled blowouts.

Tom worked as a computer scientist for several major oil field service companies and as a geologist for several operators. He is now the Director of Training for Paladin Geological Services, Co-Founder of the GeoGap Training Center and Worldwide Trainer in Geosteering for Petroskills of Houston.

As an author, Tom has written numerous science fiction short stories and a novel in that genre entitled Invasion. His new novel, Demon Gold, is a historical fiction dealing with the treasure plundered by the Japanese before and during WWII. (It’s a great read!) Find here:

In addition, Tom has authored many published papers in Astronomy and Geology dealing with topics as varied as eclipsing binary stars to geosteering horizontal wells.

Lost World Video
I was never much on YouTube…cats playing the piano and such. I could never understand what the big deal was. UNTIL. I discovered Hybrid Librarian and the following video entitled: Earth’s 10 Most Mysterious Lost Worlds. And you can blame the Hybrid Librarian and Tom Arnold for my new fascination with Lost Worlds on Earth. If you haven’t already viewed the video, it’s well worth a watch. No cats playing the piano, promise, but a whole lot of weird going on.

Hope you will join the adventure with Tom and I as we explore Lost Worlds here on earth. Until next week, tell me about your Lost World.

Would it have:

  • dinosaurs
  • creepy crawly creatures
  • ape-men
  • unexplainable DNA
  • unusual weather
  • ????????
I love hearing from you.

To prove I love hearing from you, for those who share a comment, your name will be placed into THE MAGIC JAR. If you comment and link back to my blog from your blog, your name will be placed in the magic jar twice. On December 29, 2014, my alien friend ( or ghost) (or Walk-In) (or whoever is hanging around at the time) will reach into the jar and pull forth a name. That person can claim one of the following:


1. A Wyso/Danny ring handcrafted by my Native American friend, Neal Paquin of Santa Fe, NM, especially designed for my first novella, Wyso and the Other Creepy Kids on Gerard Street. (Picture of ring here at the bottom of blog post. ) Sizes for children, women, and men.  One of a kind design.

2. A $20 gift certificate to Amazon via email.

3. My opinion of the first twenty pages of your novel or novella. (Someone else’s opinion of my writing is something I look for every chance I get. Just thought you might be looking also.)

Photo credits:
Top Image: Lost World on Flickr creative commons by Vineet Radhakrishnan
Second Image: Lost World on Flickr with Dinosaurs by 3rd Eye Photographer

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2 replies on “LOST WORLDS, Imagine Yours. Science Fiction Reality”

How cool to find a fellow writer who came from your area. He sounds really cool, what interesting work and I love that he takes his knowledge to create new worlds.

Also, the cover of his book is totally from one of my favorite video games. I am excited to read more about lost worlds!

Hi Dillo,

I am very excited about collaborating with another author on my blog.

I couldn’t believe when I found out that Tom had actually travelled to these Lost Worlds. He has even been to Peru. The setting for my novella MAN’S BEST.

I think you will find his stories, pictures, and videos of his travels intriguing. Hope you will continue to join us. I love hearing from you.

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