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Ode to the Anglerfish — Champ of Weird.

Image by Dmitry Abramov from Pixabay

There is more information on the Anglerfish than one might think. Just for fun, I’ve posted some videos on this monster of the deep. 

(ProbeNote: For more information on the Anglerfish click on blog )


Champion of Weird

Another YouTube video on the subject of anglerfish.

Rainbow of Ugly

This is funny, laugh-out-loud funny, even though the title is boring: True Facts About The Angler Fish.

And Lastly For the Sciency-Minded

This video uses illustrations of humans to represent the anglerfish mating ritual. It’s definitely deserving of a permanent position on the Wall of Weird, kinda freaky.

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You might enjoy reading a thriller fiction book centered on the angler fish (also known as the ‘Black Devil’). See “The Black Devil of Damavand” by Dr. Donald B. Malkoff, published in 2016…available on It contains a gruesome, vivid description of the fish and its behavior!

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