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Bathysphere and Its Pioneers of the Deep

I like science so weird it resembles fiction. While researching anglerfish, I ran across the Bathysphere and found it fascinating that on August 15, 1934, two men descended into depths of the ocean never before traveled. Background The first marine biologist to penetrate the perpetual darkness of deep sea, and observe and record deep sea […]

Supernatural Unexplainable Walk-Ins

Are Walk-Ins Possible? Mitochondria vs Reincarnation

(An introduction to Walk-Ins appears in my last blog post.) I’ve been interested in the concept of Walk-Ins and have researched the topic since the 1990s when I began work on my first novel. I didn’t take the concept seriously until I woke one morning and felt different. My shamanic friend, Gloria, had guided a […]

On Writing writing style

The Em Dash

Writers Love ’em. Editors Hate ’em. How To Use ’em In my last blog, I said I’d take a break from the weird and wonderful and do some updates on my writing series. Confusion exists among writers on the usage of Em dashes. And what’s the difference between an En dash and an Em dash? […]

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