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Stranger Within: An Introduction to Walk-Ins

Could there be strangers within us? Image on Pixabay by geralt.

Have you ever woke one morning and felt like an entirely different person? Sure people change. As a kid you hate veggies. You get older and you acquire a taste for them.

People change. But this is different. What I’m referring to is an overnight, or after an illness, sudden change. Several times in my life this has happened to me. And for over thirty years, I’ve searched for an explanation.

This sudden change may be accompanied by perhaps a burst of energy, a loss of weight, a new love interest, an unexplainable attraction to a foreign country never before felt, or a craving for something not craved before.

Noted journalist and successful New Age writer of the seventies and eighties, Ruth Montgomery, offers an explanation. She poses an interesting theory she coined as Walk-Ins that might offer answers to this phenomena.

Ruth—Not A Con Artist

Strangers Among Us Montgomery
Strangers Among Us, by Ruth Montgomery, introduced the public to the term Walk-Ins and its concept.

Montgomery’s concept of Walk-Ins infiltrated the seventies’ New Age religion, but her fame came first as a well-respected journalist and political columnist, not as a writer of unorthodox ideas.

Instead, her career boasts such accomplishments as the first female reporter in the Washington bureau of the New York Daily News in 1943. And the only female of the twelve reporters invited to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s funeral. Baylor University and Ashland College awarded Montgomery honorary doctors of law degrees.

It wasn’t until after her retirement from journalism, in 1969, that publishers put into print her New Age concepts.

Ruth Montgomery was a person of education, intelligence, and respect. A political influence ahead of her time—not someone associated with weird. Yet, she believed in Walk-Ins and automatic writing.

Her career and accomplishments give validation to the theory of Walk-Ins.

What Is A Walk-In?

According to Wikipedia:

A Walk-In is a new age concept of a person whose original soul has departed his/her/their body. At which time, a new soul/entity replaces the old, either temporarily or permanently.

According to Montgomery:

A Walk-in is a high-minded entity granted permission to take over the body of another human being who wishes to depart. Since a Walk-in must never enter a body without the permission of its owner, this is not to be confused with those well-publicized cases — such as described in The Three Faces of Eve, The Exorcist, et al. — in which multiple egos of evil spirits are vying for possession of an inhabited body.

—Ruth Montgomery (1912-2001), Strangers Among Us

Theories Deviate

This is where my theory deviates from Montgomery’s. In my experience, this entity doesn’t take over the body but inhabits the shell and coexists with its original owner, interjecting its likes and dislikes, its strengths and weaknesses, its memories and feelings into that of the host’s often making the host a stronger, more driven person.

Driven because the Walk-In and host won’t always coexist. One might journey on, continuing his/her/their path and purpose. The Walk-In may have only a limited amount of time to accomplish whatever task they have undertaken. I believe many times they come to inspire us, to coach us toward our purpose, or to connect with a loved one they lost. Some writers and artists refer to this entity as their muse.

With Permission, Only

Although, I believe much of Montgomery’s concept; she says that when a Walk-In enters another’s physical body, of course with permission only, the original soul moves on.

I think they exist together, unless the original chooses to move on. The original’s memories will dominate, but there will be those fleeting moments of déjà vu or connecting immediately with a stranger for unknown reasons that are triggered by the Walk-In.

The original may experience a weaken state, maybe illness, and an empty feeling when the Walk-In leaves.


There is no hard evidence to support my concept except for my own personal experiences. I believe I have housed a Walk-In or two in my life. My original self might take a back seat and let the Walk-In do the driving, but I don’t go anywhere. I don’t move on because I choose to stay.

As I searched the internet and books for more information on Walk-Ins, I found it to be sparse and out-dated to some extent.

My research uncovered that there could be three types of Walk-Ins. This coincides with my experience, but is contrary to Montgomery’s writings on Walk-Ins. She believed in only one type of Walk-In. One that replaces the soul of the original while the original moves on.

Three Types of Walk-Ins

The Swap

Walk-Ins. The Swap
Type One. Montgomery’s type. THE SWAP. Image on PIxabay, Public Domain.

(Note: He, she, and they are interchangeable.)

Montgomery’s type, type one, I named The Swap.

The original is in such a mental and/or physical disarray that he/she/they wish to move on to her next form of existence, to evacuate her now physical being — perhaps because of illness or unhappiness — and allow the higher entity to replace it and carry out her life’s mission. The Swap might occur during a near death experience.

The Envoy

Walk-In Envoy
Type Two Walk-In, The Envoy. Image on Pixabay by ferobango.

Type Two, the Envoy, is an ambassador, a messenger.

The original remains in her physical body, in a limited capacity, and triggers memories and expectations. This envoy moves in and enlightens the soul of the original, causing her to see more clearly and to define goals. The original may have been self-centered or naïve. Now she feels an overpowering purpose and drive to help humanity and earth.

The Envoy might take control when the original feels too weary to decide and continue her mission. Or it may be as simple as the original’s plea: God, I need help. I can’t do it on my own anymore. Entry of The Envoy gives the original new life, energy, and direction.

The Woven

Walk-Ins Woven
Type Three, The Woven. Image on Pixabay by Hans.

In type three, The Woven, the higher entity interweaves with the original. They are so entwined that there is no difference between where one begins and the other ends. Each takes over the lead, the driver’s seat, at different times, as dictated by the demands of their culture.

If the entity is a visionary and writer, he will control the time to write. If the original is nurturing and family oriented, he will take over when the need arises. 

The Woven will never feel alone, or feel the need for friends. They have each other. Once the original acknowledges her Walk-In, peace and purpose surface.

I speculate that the original and Walk-In may have loved one another in their past lives and agreed to the woven union in lives to come. The original is as highly evolved as the Walk-In, which is what makes The Woven possible and the strongest of the three types.

I found other names for the three types of Walk-Ins during my research. Such as, some articles refer to The Woven as Braided.

Walk-In Elilghtened
Merging with a Walk-In can bring enlightenment to the original. Image on Pixabay by geralt.


I devised terminology to better understand the difference. I remember the names of the three types of Walk-Ins by using the mnemonic SEW — Swap, Envoy, Woven.

And sew, as we know, means to join. To remember the three types of Walk-Ins, I use the following.

The SwapI swap me for you.
The EnvoyI am your messenger.
The WovenI am you. You are me.

Future Walk-In Discussions

In blogs to follow, I will continue to investigate Walk-Ins and discuss my own Walk-In experiences. We will also consider if the concept of Walk-Ins is feasible, and if so, how to identify if you might host a Walk-In. 

If you are host to a Walk-In or believe in them, please share your experience with a comment. Those of us searching for others with Walk-In encounters appreciate it.

Even if you have a speculative premise — scientific, fictional, or otherwise — I loved to hear it. Except no demons, exorcism, or evil possession suppositions, please. Walk-Ins are something entirely different. 

The changes that I am interested in are not like the ones in horror flicks. Walk-Ins are not sinister. They don’t bring death. Instead, they bring enlightenment to the individual, thereby advancing humanity.

Only with permission, not force, is the birthing of another soul into an existing body consummated.

Clara Bush
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6 replies on “Stranger Within: An Introduction to Walk-Ins”

I suspect something with my 20 yr old. He’s reality differs from ours in some extent and he acts with some loved ones for a moment that he doesn’t remember them. I know he is sphycic, but rejects the idea of it. Interesting read from your article, thank you. Blessed be.

Thank you,JM, for your comment. Hosting a Walk-In can be traumatic for the host, especially if they are unaware of the existence of Walk-Ins. I remember my relief when I found out such a thing existed. Suddenly I could explain why I felt different and acted differently. Wishing the best for you and your son. —Clara

Love your thoughts on this topic.

I read Montgomery in the 80’s and was intrigued by walk-ins. Your 3 types, well put, it makes perfect sense.

To me, the Woven individual as you described, is someone who embraces their higher self (muse), the part of the self that’s connected to the whole, where all great ideas are born.

For me, before every creative session, I meditate and go to a place that I can’t find words to describe. It’s here that I get images and messages that seem to auto-magically appear on my paper/canvases.

Often I will revisit my work, read something in my handwriting and say, “damn, I wrote this? Wow. Where did that come from?” I automatic write and paint. I have always felt this connection when I write or paint.

I like to believe I’m embracing my higher self when I create with my imagination. Tapping into the knowledge of all of my lifetimes here, there and everywhere.

Hi Sue, Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. I too feel guided in my writing. And I read stuff I’ve written and am shocked and wonder where it came from. When I write, I completely zone out. My family teases me and says I lose all track of time—almost as if I’m in a trance. Automatic writing. Yes, I believe . Montgomery believed her writing was automatic as well.

I agree the Woven is a person who embraces his/her/their higher self, and the way you describe this individual is perfect. Past lives— I love the way you think. I have no doubt our past lives give us the foundation and guidance we need to press forward on our designed path.

If you ever want to be a guest blogger, please just let me know. I think you have much you could share with my readers. BTW, please forgive my tardy response. I became wrapped up in my query blurb. I know you understand.

(Probe Note: Sue has a YouTube you readers might be interested in. She does a weekly
energy forecast. )

Hi Clara,
This is so interesting to me. I always wonder what happened to me in 1996. I was very depressed and lost, and I asked the air “What good am I? Should I just fling myself off a cliff and that’s all?” And suddenly, everything went completely silent, and I heard, “What about me?” My attention turned to that voice in my head, in a complete vacuum of sound, and my awareness shifted, and I was suddenly lifted way up, was flooded with bliss, and saw sprits, angels all around me, who began to remind me who I was and why I was here. For the next 2 years the veil was lifted. I had clairvoyance, clareaudience, esp, fast manification of whatever I desired, just what I needed as I needed it. My life completely changed, and my personality completely changed. I walked out of that life into another. I was guided along, I knew what to do. I have a website about it. I felt as big as Jupiter, and I still do. I’ve been doing planetary energy work ever since, like 24/7, and I talk with angels and other higher beings.

Wow Margaret, thank you so much for sharing your experience. It is so similar to mine. Tell us how to find your website. I’d love to follow your journey. You’re welcome to post a link in the comments. I know some of my readers would be interested as well.

When this enlightenment happens, there is no doubt it has happened. You view things differently. You have energy and strength to carry on your mission. But I didn’t know for years what it was. —Clara

UPDATE: I found Margaret’s beautiful website for those of you interested.

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