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Ancient Alien Poll Results

Image on Pixabay by Comfreak

I’ve been conducting some polls among my social media communities and though not earth shaking, the contradictory results are interesting. Let’s just say members of the Sci-Fi community are less likely to believe in Ancient Alien influence on Earth than members of the community known as:  Ancient Aliens, Extraterrestrial Influence, and UFOs.

I figured there would be very little discrepancy but take a look at the results.


Earthwork 1
One of the enormous earthwork configurations photographed from space is known as the Ushtogaysky Square, named after the nearest village in Kazakhstan. Credit DigitalGlobe, via NASA.The length of the sides of the square 284 meters. Diagonal 406 meters.
Discovered in March 2007.

DISCUSSION: The Turgai Geoglyphs are virtually unstudied earthworks and NASA has taken an interest in them. These earthworks are recognizable from the air only, are huge, and the oldest is estimated to be 8,000 years old.

QUESTION: What do think these ancient earthworks are?

CHOICES and RESULTS: The first percentage is from the Ancient Alien community and the second percentage is from the Sci-Fi community.
Ancient Alien Community  93 voters                
Sci-Fi Community 212 voters
33% Evidence of Ancient Alien Influence 13%
17%  Nomadic Stone Age Tribes 35%
  4% Observatories to track sun movements 33%
45% All of the above 18%

Noteworthy comments

TP—I’m telling you…it was an ancient Scottish guy on holiday and he marked out our flag on the ground…nothing sinister at all.
DA—The largest “you have got mail” indicator on the planet.
LG— The start of a really big nought and crosses game?
PF— It is obviously pirate treasure. Everyone knows that X marks the spot!
AW— Board Game for Giants

When Aliens Visit

ET the kiss
Can we hope if space aliens do visit Earthlings they’re as sweet as ET.

DISCUSSION: Renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking, suggests visiting ETs may not be friendly cosmic neighbors. (ProbeNote: For recap visit,  Aliens—Will They Be Naughty or Nice?)
QUESTION: Do you think they will be peaceful, aggressive, or just curious?

Ancient Alien Community  274 voters                      
 Sci-Fi Community 194 voters  
12%  Peaceful 6%
 8%  Aggressive 20%
 7%  Curious 30%
17%  Depends on how we treat them 23%
56% They’re already here 21%

Some noteworthy comments:

JRB— Trump will take care of them.
BW— They would see us as irrelevant.
ThekiilingstarWC— Shared 3 laws of alien behavior extracted from the novel The Killing Star by Charles Pellegrino and George Zebrowshi (1) Their survival will be more important than ours. (2) Wimps don’t become top dogs. (3) They will assume the first two laws apply to us. (ProbeNote: I must say Pellegrino and Zebrowski’s laws make sense when you compare them to our own human behaviors.)
EBT— I think “Frightened” should be added. Once they observe us for a while they will wonder how the hell we have managed to even survive.
TB— It’s a real toss up. If they are of the hive mentality and are sufficiently advanced, we are screwed. If they are a peaceful, intelligent race,like the Vulcans, maybe we would be alright. Has anyone thought of size making a difference. For instance, if they are 100 feet tall, we may seem to be parasites on a dust ball. Or a thousand feet from a planet with,light gravity and a high oxygen atmosphere. Or if they,are only ant sized and we start an interplanetary war when they hit a bug zapper. A lot of ifs in that question.
ZS— The only race capable of spending hundreds of years traveling at sub-light speeds to other stars would be a synthetic one. I would like to think robots would be rational…they certainly would have no need for our Earth.
AF— I think they’ll have very little reason to be aggressive. The universe, even our own solar system, is filled to the brim with all kinds of resources. Asteroids, Kuiper Belt Objects, Moons, Planets, Centaurs…Why be aggressive? Even if you need water, there is more fresh water on Jupiters moon Enceladus than all the lakes on Earth! The one thing I’m absolutely sure about, however, is that it WON’T depend upon how we treat them – they’ll already have made up their mind about how to treat us long before they get here. That being said, I could see them kidnapping a few individuals or stealing some livestock, for reasons varying from research to ship provisions (think sailors hunting goats on an oceanic island to have something to eat). I don’t think they would take more than they need however.


Image on Pixabay by johnhain

Most people in these communities offer either funny comments or informative ones. However, there are a few haters out there, as we all know, who say stuff like: “Ancient Aliens. Is this a joke?” Or this guy: I’d rather deal with an actual alien (angry or not), than a happy fantasy obsessed alien hunting zealot. Can we waste yet more time on absolute nonsense… please?”

Wow. I’ve been called a lot of things, but never “a happy fantasy obsessed alien hunting zealot.” I’m fraking honored. And look how much time he spent commenting.

But I gotta wonder why someone who’d make such a comment would even join a Sci-Fi community if they are such non-believers in the imagination.

Another poll for another day. Back to ancient aliens, they are way more fun to imagine than hater logic. If you didn’t vote, please leave a comment and let me know your opinion unless you’re a hater and if you are, take a road trip to Colorado and get you some happy juice instead of commenting.

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The Probe is a blog devoted to the exploration of the unexplainable, to finding the truth in occurrences that resemble science fiction, and to researching and reporting on topics that could be flung upon the wall of weird.  New posts are featured every week. 
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7 replies on “Ancient Alien Poll Results”

I enjoy your approach to the whole issue.
I believe in aliens and spaceships. I went a step further. I have spent many years studying the Bible and I prove (according to the Bible) that UfOs and aliens have visited earth.

Hi Ike, nice to meet you. Thank you so much for commenting. Please forgive my tardiness in replying. I am currently out of town and it’s often hard to get to my website when I’m on the road. I love your approach as well. There are numerous references in the bible that lead one—with an open mind—to the realization that aliens have indeed visited earth and are perhaps responsible for guiding humans toward the many advances we’ve made in a short period of time. Please, if you have time, tell us more about what you’ve discovered. Thank you, Clara.

Thank you for your warm response to my e-mail and the invitation to share my findings.
In 2013 I did a series of about 30 posts in which I “proved” from the Bible that aliens have been active on earth and have even interacted with those whom they chose to guide.
I would be thrilled to share these posts on your blog, perhaps two a week, or, as you wish. Of your list of topics, which category would you like me post them into?
Awaiting your reply.

Hi Ike, again forgive my delayed response. Just returned from a month long lecture tour and am swamped with a house full of Thanksgiving guests. I would love for you to share some posts on my blog. I’ve perused your blog and am very impressed. Link me to the blog you would first post and I will have a better idea of which category to direct you to. We could post the first one tomorrow and if that’s too soon, just let me know.

Thank you for your reply. I am sorry to read that you have had some negative experiences lately. I trust that things are getting better now that you are surrounded by friends and family. I feel about the same way about thanksgiving as you say you do. We, in Canada, dispose of Thanksgiving Day in October.

Now to the matter at hand: The enclosed link is for the first post that I would send –
This post is an introduction to a series of Biblical events/persons who were associated with UFO’s. This truth seems so obvious when one dares to open one’s mind.

I am technically illiterate and I would appreciate if you would not only tell me where to post it but also how.

Thank you for your words of encouragement.

Of all the places I have visited, the ones that are the most difficult to explain are Tiwanaku and Pumapunku in Bolivia. I saw engineering accuracy, perfect stone cutting and overall design that would be extremely difficult even with modern tools and even lasers. This seems far beyond a culture 2000 years in the past.
In terms of current alien visitation, our own personal experience and sighting history make it clear we are not alone. Our belief is that given the constraints of physics, they travel by a process called bilocation centered in universal consciousness. If you have never heard of bilocation science fiction or otherwise, read Dune!
That’s all folks:)

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