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Space Junk, ETs, or a Superhero?

I watched the  TV series, Supergirl, last night. And though, so far, it’s light science fiction/fantasy it shows potential. If you were a fan of Smallville, and are into Arrow and Flash, you might enjoy this as well.  Remembering Smallville and the whole superhero genre, I recalled the scene when, as an infant, Superman falls from […]

Ancient Aliens Outer Space Science Science Fiction Space

Ancient Alien Poll Results

I’ve been conducting some polls among my social media communities and though not earth shaking, the contradictory results are interesting. Let’s just say members of the Sci-Fi community are less likely to believe in Ancient Alien influence on Earth than members of the community known as:  Ancient Aliens, Extraterrestrial Influence, and UFOs. I figured there would be very little […]

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Fermi Paradox Finale. Beam Me Up Scotty, Hostiles Here.

Even NASA agrees with Enrico Fermi  and his paradox—our universe should be loaded with bunches of Extraterrestrials, but where is everyone? In April 2017, NASA announced its search for extraterrestrial life has been extended to include Enceladus, Saturn’s sixth-largest moon. New data collected by NASA’s spacecraft, Cassini, during its last flyby, suggests the possibility of an ecosystem favorable […]

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