Extraterrestrials Fiction

13 Best ET Pick-Up Lines

During my brief summer sabbatical, I entertained several of my childhood friends for nightly card games. My childhood friends—which my parents claimed to be imaginary—had, like me, grown up and were interested in more adult problems rather than scaring the neighbors, or kids’ games such as Hide and Boo or Murder in the Graveyard. During […]

Extraterrestrials Walk-Ins

Walk-Ins and Extraterrestrials. 5 Ways They’re Different.

Some of my science fiction readers asked: “Could a Walk-In be an Extraterrestrials?” Two of my favorite Extraterrestrial movies are Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the 1956 version, and Invasion from Mars, 1953. You just can’t beat the creepy-as-crap oldies. In both films, aliens descend to Earth and take over a human’s body.  In recent […]


Does Life Exist On Other Planets?

Science fiction writers continue to chip away at the secrets contained within the universe and often speculate on the possibility of life on other worlds and what it might look like. So who—among us Earthlings—thinks life on other planets exists? Chances of finding life on other planets remains unknown, but research astronomer, Shawn Domagal-Goldman, said, “I want it […]

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