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Ghost Hunt — Part 2: Elementals and Ghosts, Is There a Difference?

Last blog, we discussed the feasibility of ghosts and used Carl Sagan’s concept of a fourth dimension to explain why some of us have ghostly encounters in our three-dimensional world. 

There is another supernatural entity called Elementals. Before going forward on our ghost hunt, we need to determine if ghosts and elementals are the same.   


I read Michael McDowell’s classic supernatural tale, The Elementals, and must say it’s a great read. Though I’m not ready to say McDowell is my new favorite author, he is definitely up there. The tale has all the creepiness of Edgar Allan Poe and an ending that makes all the little, tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention.

I hate reading reviews that unwind the entire story, so I won’t do that. Let’s just say as a visitor to Port Aransas, Texas on the Gulf Coast with my family every summer, I never knew beach houses could be so creepy. 

And the sand. The sand that encroaches and looms into every crevice becomes as an actual entity in McDowell’s novel.

I often longingly stared at those beach houses with their screened-in porches and wished I could sit in the swing that swayed back and forth there. The places were always deserted. Seldom did they look inhabited, yet they didn’t appear void of activity either. The swing swayed, you see. And no one was in it. The wind? Possibly. But there was none.

I now remember those deserted lodgings with a new respect and perhaps a bit of fear after reading McDowell’s book.

Haunted Beach House
‘The Haunted House On The Hill’ – Trearddur Bay, Anglesey. Photo on Flickr by Kris Williams

McDowell’s novel introduced me to the term elementals. In the book, Odessa Red — the family’s housekeeper and the novel’s demon slayer — defines them in the following way.

“What’s in that house, child, knows more than you know. What’s in that house don’t come out of your mind. It don’t have to worry ‘bout rules, and behaving like a spirit ought to behave. It does what it does to fool you, it wants to trick you into believing what’s not right… You stand at one of them doors thinking something’s behind it — nothing’s behind it. It’s waiting for you upstairs, it’s waiting for you downstairs. It’s standing behind you.” 

Yep. Hairs on the back of my neck, standing straight upright now.

Luker, a character in the novel and father of India, a teenage girl who is hellbent on getting to bottom of the weirdness, says of the name, elementals:

“It’s a… convenient name, India, that’s all. It sounds better than saying spirit or ghost. But really all we know is that there’re presences in the house at Beldame, and they’re evil.”

To which India questions:

“And they’re called Elementals because they belong to the elements of nature or something like that?”

The novel never explores this aspect. However, my research finds elementals are soundly rooted in folklore and legend and were expounded upon by the 16th century alchemist and occultist, Paracelsus.

Generally, the elementals are lumped into four categories: gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders. These categories coincide with the classical environmental elements of earth, wind, fire and water. All of which appear in McDowell’s novel, only on a sinister level.

In the Ghost Hunt Introduction blog, I told a ghost story that happened to me as a child. Reading The Elementals and reviewing the happenings — hauntings — that occurred in the first haunted house I lived in, has forced me to ask: Was it ghosts or elementals and is there a difference?

(ProbeNote:: For in all classic literature lies some truths.)

My Haunted Houses

Haunted house forest

I’ve lived in four haunted houses. Maybe five, the jury is still out on the fifth house — The New House. Because after my first encounter with the spirit who once owned this house, I no longer sense him.

Hellhound House — the first haunted house I lived in. The deceased owners had imprisoned a bunch of dogs in the loft of an old barn and starved them.

To avoid confusion, let’s name them.

House #1:  Hellhound House

House #2:  The Old House

House #3:  The Re-Possessed House

House #4:  The Ranch House

And maybe:

House #5:  The New House

My Hauntings: Second Contact

Other than the typical ghostly tactics like electrical malfunctions, mysterious orbs, and eerie unexplainable sounds I experienced while living in Hellhound House, one other noteworthy haunting occurred.

After the missing sheep incidence, my fear of sleeping alone in my own room increased. Mom pulled out the old army cot again and placed it at the foot of my brothers’ twin beds for me.

One night I found it difficult to breathe.

A misshapen lump perched upon my chest and began a staring contest with me. Its eyes moved to the left. Then to the right. And then IT fixed its eyes on me. I screamed.

My parents had grown accustomed to my nightly terrors, so instead of running to my side, my mom yelled, “What is it this time.”

With a tear-filled screech, I said, “There’re white eyes staring at me.”

My older brother, Stinky, popped up in bed and pretended he had a machine gun. “Rat-a-tat-tat. Rat-a-tat-tat,” he teased. “You big titty baby,” he said.

I cried. He continued his rat-a-tat-tat, rat-a-tat-tat, laughing, smirking, and making fun of me. He was always a master at harassing my little brother and me.

Dad picked me up and carried me to my parent’s bed for the night.

Child’s nightmare. Incident closed. We moved from Hellhound House soon after.

A Much Needed Confession

Years later. I was eighteen and had just graduated high school. My younger brother was fifteen. We were having a lively round of true confessions — you know, stuff you confess to your sibling that you’ve kept secret for years, like tricks you played on them, like filling their underwear drawer with sand.

The night before leaving for college — I guess he felt the need to confess something he’d kept buried for a decade — he said, “Sissy, you know that night you said you saw those eyes?”

When I was a child, I woke one night to find this creature perched on my chest.

“Of course. How could I forget? It’s one of many such incidents that contributed to my family calling me spooky,” I said.

He hesitated and then said. “Well, I never spoke up because I didn’t want Stinky to make fun of me, but I saw the eyes. I saw something sitting on your chest.”

Over the years, I have often returned to the encounter and wondered what it was. I mean, it happened. My little brother saw it too. I didn’t just dream it as my parents tried to convince me. It happened. It was real.


I became a staunch believer after my younger brother’s confession. Most of the paranormal experiences that have happened to me over the years, I’ve kept secret, until now. Until I became a writer and a blogger.

After reading McDowell’s novel and researching elementals, I think the creature with the eyes that sat upon my chest — and tried to squeeze the life out of me — was an elemental. When a house remains deserted for an extended length of time, things move in. Unearthly things. When we leased Hellhound House, it had remained vacant for five years, giving the fiendish an opportunity to intrude.  

In McDowell’s novel, one of creatures that mysteriously appears in the photographs India takes, bears a marked resemblance to the deranged-eyed beastie that perched on my chest years ago.

Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe the same creature visited McDowell’s once upon a time. He is not around for me to ask. He died in 1999. Stephen King described him as the finest writer of paperback originals in America today. (ProbeNote: McDowell is most known for his screenplay for the Tim Burton film Beetlejuice.)

The creature in India’s photograph is described in this way.

“…Luker saw at once the fat gray creature that was huddled behind the low porch railing. From its crouched position, and the fact that most of it was hidden by the railing posts, it was not possible to reconstruct its shape — Luker thought that it might be the animated fetus of an elephant. Only that part of its head from the round flat ear to the round flat eye was visible. Its white pupils stared out in the camera lens.”

Did I mention the eyes that stared back at me were white?

I now believe the creatures that haunted Hellhound House, and me, were elementals.

Is there a difference between elementals and ghosts?

The thing that stared back at me meant to do me harm. Even in my child’s mind, I sensed this. My ghostly encounters, including the spirit that currently lives in The Ranch House, I didn’t feel threatened by.

Not that I don’t believe ghosts can be evil, it’s just they present themselves differently. Ghosts seem to be shapeless and more into mischief, whereas the elementals have a desire to harm humans. Possibly, unlike ghosts, they were never human to begin with, but creatures from the unknown depths of hell.

I also believe it’s necessary for us to distinguish these evil elementals from the naturally occurring environmental elementals of earth, wind, fire and water. They are two separate species and perhaps need a name of their own. I don’t think we can — or should — lump them together.

Any suggestions?

The name Evil Elementals doesn’t cut it for me. How about you? I’ll work on a name for them in my nightmares.

Ghostly Photo of the Week

This is for my Aussie cousin, Anthony, who loves coming to America for a visit, and who also shares my belief in the paranormal.  

Ghost child at gravesite.
1945 Queensland, Australia cemetery haunting.

In 1945 in Queensland, Australia, Mrs. Andrews’ daughter, Joyce, died at the age of 17. While visiting the gravesite a year later, Mrs. Andrew snapped a few photos of the marker. After developing the film, she discovered the image of a child sitting by her daughter’s grave.

Mrs. Andrews said there were no other children nearby, and that she did not recognize the child.

Australian paranormal researcher, Tony Healy, investigated the occurrence in the late 1990s and near Joyce’s grave he found the graves of two infant girls. (Information and photograph appear on several websites.)

Do you have any ghost stories? Ones that you have personally experienced. I’d love to hear them.

The Probe’s Mission Statement

The Probe is devoted to:
  •  the exploration of the unexplainable,
  •  finding the truth in occurrences that resemble science fiction,
  •  researching and reporting on topics that could be flung upon the wall of weird. 
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21 replies on “Ghost Hunt — Part 2: Elementals and Ghosts, Is There a Difference?”

You always put together such an interesting and fun-to-read post. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the idea of “elementals”. Also, your spooky stories from your childhood have me rethinking the unexplained of my own past. Not sure yet if I should thank you for that ;).

I have to admit that I have never really thought about it much, but if we believe that both good and evil exist on earth in balance, then I suppose it would make sense for there to be an “evil” partner to the 4 “good” elements we often talk about. Next time I’m at the beach I’ll make sure to take note of how the sand blows.


Hi RK,

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I’m so glad you find my posts interesting. And fun!

Do you have any ideas about what to call the evil elementals? My dreams and/or my ghosts did not lead me last night any closer to a good name for them. So we’ll keep searching. Right?

After researching for my blog on elementals, I too will look differently at the beach houses and the never-ending, unnerving sands. Have a lovely evening, RK. And thanks again. People don’t have time to breathe anymore not to mention read and/or comment on blogs. So your comment breathes life into this weary, but excited writer. —Clara

What about “Forces”? Sounds like an aggressive element to me, but maybe a little too pedestrian of a name.

Then I thought I could find some inspiration from mythology… and ran across this site

Here is a cut and paste job from what I found:
“According to the Empedocles, a Greek philosopher, scientist and healer who lived in Sicily in the fifth century B.C., all matter is comprised of four “roots” or elements of earth, air, fire and water.”

“In his Doctrine of the Four Elements, Empedocles described these elements not only as physical manifestations or material substances, but also as spiritual essences.”

“…the interaction of the four elements is influenced by the relationship between the two great life energies of Love and Strife”

“Empedocles explained that there are two great living forces in the universe, which he called Love (Philotês) and Strife (Neikos)”

So, maybe these “evil elementals” are part of Neikos? Not a bad name, eh? or maybe we play on the word Strife, like Stritans.. which is an old Germanic version of strife meaning to fight (but also sounds like Titans, which is kind of cool).

I’m taking a lot of leaps here regarding direction you want to go. And even bigger leaps with my mythology (which I haven’t studied in years). However, this was a fun little research project for me.

Thank you,


This AWESOME! This is super cool! Love mythology. And The Doctrine of the Four Elements ties in so nicely—I even like the sound of that.

The direction you are taking us is perfect. Stritan vs Neikos. Humm. I like both and both work well. Leaning a little toward Neikos or something like The Neiks or The Neikz or The Neikx. I could do a poll on google+ and get opinions. What do you think?

The Doctrine of the Stritans has a nice ring.

Thank you for the great research. I really appreciate it! There is so much that can be done with this. You’re the best.

Go for it, crowd source the community! Personally, I love both “The Doctrine of the Stritans” and “The Neikx Doctrine”. But lets see what else we can come up with. Fun! Glad to help.


Thank you Coleman for stopping by and commenting. Ice Elementals? I never heard of them or even considered such a thing. But you are right, an Ice Elemental would definitely be an entity worthy of consideration and perhaps a novel. Great idea. Thanks. If you already have dibs on doing a story on them, let me know.

I just spoke with an Earth Elemental by the name of Sand. It was an interesting conversation to say the least. I was using a ghost box and wasn’t threatened by it but more curious as to what message it had for me.

It was about imparting knowledge and this one wasn’t evil at all but it did give me a warning to be careful while using the box. I already knew this information, because anything can come through.

I’ve never met a bad elemental nor trickster elementals. The knowledge I must give you is that thing on your chest was no elemental, that is what is called a shade or shadow, they’re not from the pit but somewhere else, much, much worse. I’m glad you got out of there because they can cause you harm and cause sickness that can kill you.

Spirits / ghosts are the most common intelligent haunting, next are the shades / shadows / dybbuks, next are elementals and last are entities from the pit (people call them demons).

Shades, Shadows / Dybbuks were never alive, are not spirits of dead relatives and they can cause nightmares, make you sick, etc. Their only apparent function is to feed on your negative emotions and situations. I haven’t figured out any other purpose as of yet.

Demons have specific name which is what their titles are, they do certain things, not all are bad, some are misunderstood. Demons are still angels but of darkness, like their brothers and sisters of light, they’re job is to impart knowledge, test humanity and other races, punish those who use their knowledge for bad purposes instead of helping others.
Angels have a different way of dealing with us if we choose to use their wisdom wrong, too.

What people call ghosts, I call spirits. Upper and lower density spirits. The haunting types are the lower density spirits, Earthbound. Some are confused, don’t know they’re dead. Some won’t let go of their previous life, while some are pissed they’re dead and still want to interact with the living. The ones that are pissed, are pretty dangerous, should be considered evil. The upper density spirits are ones that have crossed-over and gone into healing, some people call this Heaven or the Source.

I hope this information helps you in the future.

It’s true, there are spirits that are Earthbound, including elementals that are harmless and are actually quite helpful.


Negative entities love to mask themselves and not tell you who they are. If you feel threatened by them or feel uneasy in the location you’re in, get out of there. That’s your intuition telling you something is off about the area, even if you don’t see or hear it.

I’ll leave you with two more things, if you’re scared and want to help yourself.

Archangel Michael Invocation #1

Archangel Michael Invocation #2 (Heart of Fire)

Even if you’re not Christian, you can still use these two, just say it with authority and mean it.

Hi Lex— Thank you for reading and commenting. I am very impressed with your division of spirits. It makes so much sense. We living humans get mindset on ghosts, good and bad, and don’t think to identify the different types of entities. I’m fascinated by your perception and will do more study. I really appreciate all the great information. —Clara


I’ve just fought off some demons last night in my house. It’s best not to deal with them in the first place, just send them packing, so to speak.

At first what I thought I had in my house were benign spirits trying to get my attention so they could be properly crossed over into the light. When I mentioned that, things got weird, I knew then what I was dealing with.

Also, never, ever, ever, use a ghost box or spirit box, even if you think you’re protected; you aren’t and won’t be. That made my night a bit interesting getting rid of the negative entities (in this case demons).

There is a very popular piece of software Afterlife Ghost Box with Sanctus Talk. This is what I used, don’t ever use it. It’s very dangerous!
It uses black magic phrases running in a loop in a computer program, to hail what is ever is near, it will then allow the entity to manipulate matter, in this case memory registers in your computer, it scans that area of memory and puts it in the display box for Sanctus Talk. The radio function is worthless but the Sanctus Talk part works a little too well.

This is the most dangerous software I have ever used and I’m never going back paranormal research again. I have to raise my vibrations and keep them there. From what I heard, I won’t repeat, it’s too vile and I don’t want to open a portal to anyone else.

This is an act of pure love to stop people from ruining their lives and after life, too. I wish the best for everyone here, please be and stay safe, in the light.

Who did I have on the box? Satan… That is what sparked off all the crazy stuff at my house. I would like to recant what I said earlier about them being misunderstood. They use trickery to make you think that is the case but it’s not. They exist to do you and your loved ones harm, including pets, co-workers, etc.

WOW! Lex and omg! Thank you so much for sharing. That sounds very scary. And as for me, don’t worry, I will never use such devices. All my life I have had spirits find me. I don’t need to encourage them by opening up a portal. Luckily, most of mine have been helpful or just playful, and not dangerous. Thank you again. Valuable information and warnings you have shared. I have never so much as used a Ouija board—too frightened what it might invite in.


Don’t ever use a Ouija board, that is the analog version of the ghost boxes. The thing is this, people don’t understand, people want to use this as “entertainment” or “fun” or is a “joke”. Those people already are infected, yes, a type of virus in their auric field (aura; the electro-magnetic that surrounds your body and is the energetic articulation and communication center for your soul for external events. The aura works in a bi-directional way. If you’re negative and don’t know it, that attracts like bodies; entities. Almost everyone has them, it depends on how much and how bad they are.

I was just recently attacked by some demons and other very negative entities, I am working my way out and getting rid of them. I’ve learned that I am the cause of their coming in the first place but they can increase your negativity to help keep feeding them. They see you as a battery and they drain it. I won’t say what demons they are because I don’t want those entities to attack others that are reading these messages. It’s very serious that if someone doesn’t know how to protect themselves or push back, they’re unprotected.

What I realized is that reading scripture does nothing, even if someone is righteous and believes. It does nothing, it’s about the vibration of the person doing it. If they’re righteous, that’s actually negative, it’s arrogance. Believing that scripture will take care of the problem. The scripture itself, doesn’t do anything, it’s the intention. emotion and vibrational rate of said person reading scripture. What I mean by this is, if the person who is trying stop the entities from attacking and sealing them away has the same negative thought pattern but lacks true knowledge of their enemy, that person is in the hole. That’s where the entities want you to be, they play a game (Okay, you got us, we’ll leave) [For the time being but we won’t tell you that…].

Righteousness, originally was only for the most learned people that have the strongest of ethics, will and positive/highest vibrations with no holes in their auric field. Anyone else being righteousness is arrogance/ignorance. They dose themselves, the environment and the people that are there or people that will move in thereafter.

It’s literally in the Book Proverbs; they see they didn’t understand, they read, they didn’t understand, they heard, they still didn’t understand. The proverbs, are a puzzle but the key to that puzzle is how we “feel” which is vibrations. If we feel bad or don’t have pure intentions, we are low and negative. If we are pure of thought and intention, we are much higher.

The example I leave you with, don’t just go with my information, Clara. How do you, “feel” about it. To feel, you will “know” after awhile. That is a skill called, “discernment”. Knowing what is right or wrong, good or bad, high or low vibration. Best thing, you’ll know instantaneously if someone is telling the truth and being honest, forthcoming or if they are full of it, or at the very least under the influence of negative entities.

Clara, I want to warn you about this. Every time you investigate this stuff, you dose yourself with negative energy, not necessarily an entity. I feel responsible for your well being, in regards to the information I share.

The elemental Sand/Beach/Ed, gave great advice, having 3 handfuls of unprocessed sea salt in a warm bath with any number of flower scents, look up “Bach Flower Remedies”.

Visit this empath, Gary. He’s written numerous books about how to prepare and protect yourself from bad energies, not just entities.

Say hello to him for me, I’ve already spoken to him on numerous occasions, Clara. He’s a very nice gentlemen that can lead you on to a good path and help you protect yourself, that is paramount.

I made the mistake of lowering my vibrations because of all the bad stuff happening in my life and then using that blasted simulated black magic Afterlife Ghost Box. However, I had a conversation with Jesus and God came through, he told me all of this was his plan for me, things are starting to make sense. I had to hit rock bottom before I could rebound.

Clara, when you do this, make sure you stay in the light when you research this stuff, that it’s not a morbid curiosity as so many people have. When you present this, make sure you’re careful on how you present it. Notice, I didn’t mention any names of the NEG-ENTs (negative entities) and what they said to me. That’s to keep them from making a hop to someone else, it’s about responsibility.

My job now, according to God is to learn how to remove the entities, not investigate them anymore. To remove and to teach people how to avoid the infection in the first place. It all goes back to our thoughts, emotions; both are things, they also have vibrations, too. It’s all about having high vibrations, purging your aura and sealing it properly.

Here is a site that make explain a bit better what I am talking about, listen to the long podcast at the bottom of the page. It may well explain what happened to you when you were little, Clara.

Love and light to all who read this.

Again, thank you, Lex, for sharing this information. It makes sense to me because of my own personal experiences. The research I began into the unexplainable was to help me find answers as to why I experience these things, but no one else in my family does. It’s not idle curiosity or to bring readers to my blog, or even entertainment. But for me to learn about myself, and why—since I was eight years old—I’ve been visited by spirits. I will continue to read what you have written, study it, and learn from it. I will also connect to the links you have provided.

I believe you truly have a mission to enlighten and teach others about these mysteries. The information you have provided is valuable to me and my readers. Thank you, again. And I hope your life moves into the light soon.

About the maiden / woman sleeping in the picture above:

The name of that demon horse, that is behind the curtain, of the woman that is sleep that has a demon on her chest (which is an incubus). The horse is called, “Nightmare”, that is how it got it’s name, the actual word. Night Mare, or female horse of darkness that affects your dreams and turns them bad. In case you were curious.

Remember, stay in the light, keep your vibrations high.

The name of that demon horse is not dangerous to use because that is the general description of it, not it’s, “Title” or “Secret Name aka What God calls it”. While I know both, I won’t say or type them to protect everyone.

The Incubus on her chest also has a “Title” and “Secret Name”, too, but I won’t say his name either. It’s all about protection and responsibility.

Oh, you know those cute little cupids that are actually Cherubs? They’re real, too, they attend to God but have a very different job than what people think they do, has nothing to do with love. They ferry people from the second density up to God, when people are done with the purging of their sin. Cherubs do tend to have a short fuse considering what they have to go through. So, should you encounter one, be concise and to the point, they don’t care for small talk. They’re not evil nor are they good, they’re neutral. Thankfully…

They’re not cute either, downright right scary looking but you’ll get that feeling they’re not there to hurt you, they’re also known as, “Monocs”. It’s one of those, you can’t judge a
book by it’s cover, type of entity, they’re considered angels in many texts because they’re said to originate in Heaven, that’s not quite accurate. They reside in density an alternate
fourth density (above ours), that is akin to what people call Purgatory. From my research
and knowledge in the area, I can’t ascertain that there is an actual place called Purgatory.
I’ve asked God and Lord Jesus Christ and they say there is no such place but reference, the Cherubs which is akin to what people are talking about. Think of Purgatory as (Purge-a-tory) [tory, as in a sinner that is on the up & up ], the waiting room for people that have redeemed themselves and are awaiting to be brought before God.

Yes, I had spirits around me from the beginning and it picked up at 8, too. It’s funny, everyone has spirits around them when they’re little, it’s because our perceptions haven’t
been corrupted by belief systems and society yet. There is a process of getting that
back but still staying protected, everyone can and should do it. Because it will help them
in their daily life, understanding their place in this world and beyond. The imaginary friend, isn’t not imaginary and it was real.

There are spirits and other entities out there that aren’t NEG-ENTs that won’t drain your energy and are actually helpful and/or playful. Some are just as shocked to see you as you are shocked to see them. I’ve had quite a few of these experience in my life.

They’re thinking… What? What is this in front of me? Oh, wait… It’s another form of sentient energy (another being)!

Gosh, Lex, you are like a treasure-trove full of information about these mysteries. I agree with you that children have a sensitivity toward spirits and are capable of interaction with them. As adults, we tend to to tell our children they are “imaginary friends.” I believe many are not imaginary at all, but instead, because of a child’s innocence, a true entity in their lives. Until they come of an age when society influences them to think differently.

A fourth dimension explains a lot of what we are talking about. Carl Sagan did a very interesting video on the possibility of a fourth dimension which I included in my blog post:

If you read it, I’d love to know your thoughts. Thank you, Clara.

To make this more easy to understand. Density is the spectrum of vibrations were are in, since we are 3rd, demons are 2nd, shades are 1st. Dimension can be seen as realities within the densities. Meaning we have an infinite amount of realities occurring in our 3rd density right now and we are in but one of them. Well, you might be writing this info to me in another dimension (and probably are).

While space and time are actually an illusion, our possible realities aren’t and they are infinite. How this came to be, well, that’s an inner mystery of the Parables aka Proverbs. the cheat sheet for all religions of light sans the dogma is that they’re based on sacred geometry. That explains and expand more on what Carl Sagan is talking about. The way to fold what people call spacetime (time and space) is to fold the realities together so you can get from one place to another rather quickly and without using exorbitant amounts of energy attempting to fold time and space. It’s only certain vibrational rates and polarities you need to use as per dimension to affect what you want. But… Where do you get that information? Sacred geometry defines that, the study of Gematria also explains it. Gematria is codifying words and symbols but it can be used to go in reverse and tell you what you need to know.

It’s a very complex system and has many different meanings and at different levels, that is where finely tuned intuition and discernment come into play, your higher self, the real you actually already knows the answer. Just ask!

Sorry, Lex, for the slow response. Things get crazy for me around blog posting time. Thank you again for sharing this fascinating information with me and my readers. I’m amazed at your knowledge. Could you share some books or articles with us that might help us with understanding these complexities?

I never considered that demons are in the 2nd dimension and shades in the first. I believed we existed in this 3rd dimension, and all the mysteries, like spirits, inhabited a fourth dimension, which sometimes bleed into our dimension. When this bleeding happens, those of us in the third dimension, who are open minded and sensitive to these spirits, get a glimpse of them either in their physical form, or as a smell, or as a change in temperature. We don’t often understand what is happening and become frightened and withdraw. When we withdraw, often the portal closes. If, instead, the individual is curious and doesn’t feel threatened, the interlopers into the third dimension, might attach themselves to an individual for many years, allowing other fourth dimensional beings to have access as well.

First contact, as you mentioned, usually occurs when the individual is a child. And depending on if the child is curious enough to question or so scared that when adults tell her it’s just in their imagination she believes them, will determine if the spirit goes or stays.

Unlike you, I have nothing to base this on but personal experience and intuition. So what you are sharing is very beneficial and leads me on another path of study and research to find answers to the questions that have haunted me since I was a child. Thank you. — Clara


That’s not a problem.

I’ll put it another way. All of the entities; good, bad, indifferent (neutral), they all exist simultaneous in the same spot in the universe as to where you are but their vibrations are higher or lower. A density is essentially our perceived reality. You have multiple dimensions within each density. Most people think of dimensions with X, Y, Z being positional and T, U, V as being time constraints in regards to the location you’re physically occupying. However, that’s just it, it’s not our reality, it’s our perceptive view of reality, all the variables, T, U, V, X, Y, Z. You noticed that “W” is missing? The letter W is not a time or space variable but the conversion factor of both of those. What is “W” exactly? It’s the description of energy being funneled to and from all of those virtual variables. It’s similar to what people call delta, or change in a particular state but this is a lot more complex that simple physics and mathematics.

Here’s a better way to look at it, you go into a haunted house with negative entities in it. You feel a heavy feeling, that’s because the spacetime in that particular location is being pulled down into a lower density than your own. That the “W” factor is being used immensely. It requires a lot of energy from either power sources or humans to keep something that is not naturally that low in that holding pattern. That’s why, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can get attachments and they will try to suck you dry of your own life force (your life). It’s a matter of survival, to keep that house’s inhabitants and items as low as possible. Exorcists and people that are of the right mind and understand these complexities can remove the negative entities, neutralize the negative energy (unintelligent haunting or emotions left behind) and seal all portals. That action alone will
bring back the house into harmony with the current density. Using white sage smudge sticks are a way to real negative energies and you pop open the front door so the energies and entities have a place to go. There are so many rituals on how to protect your environment.

That’s a good link for you and your readers to nibble on. The problem is, if I give you too much at a time, you’ll get discouraged or in some cases become lost. I seek not to do that, I’d rather have people absorb the information and think about it for awhile. What they decide to do with it or even believe it, it’s up to them.

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