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Ghost Hunt Part 8: Ghostly Encounters

Next stop on our ghost hunt deviates from my personal ghostly encounters to those of another. On The Probe, I’m after authentic hauntings shared by people who have experienced paranormal contacts. For today’s blog, I interviewed JE. JE is a wife, the mother of four beautiful children, and an entrepreneur living in Central Texas. She is […]

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Ghost Hunt, Part 7. Stella Lansing, Pioneer in Paranormal

No ghost hunt is complete without a discussion of The Strange Case of Stella Lansing. Lansing is a pioneer in the paranormal and started her journey into the unknown before any of the movies on paranormal activity were released. Terms like paranormal, supernatural, and ufology will overlap as we probe this unusual case. These terms […]

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Ghost Hunt, Part 6. Ghost Town of Alta. Nikola Tesla, Are You Still Here?

Ghost towns have fascinated modern men for decades. Pioneers gathered their lives into traveling trunks or saddle bags, crawled onto horses, or into covered wagons and traveled West to chase their dreams. Often in such pursuits, they abandoned settlements to chase other dreams or to give up on the dreams that enticed them there in […]

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