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Plato’s The Great Year: An Argument for the Existence of Atlantis.

The lost Mayan civilization remains a mystery to this day. Photo by julimo.

Earth spins and we have night and  day.  We have seasons because Earth orbits the sun. If we could consult the Ancients, we’d find they believed in an even grander cycle. One that influences the rise and fall of civilizations.

New discoveries are being found all over the world offering evidence that complex societies existed and are older than once thought. Ancient cultures placed great value on the movement of the heavens. Rams, fish, bulls — once thought to be pagan symbols — are now understood to represent the constellations.

Lost Civilizations

As mankind plodded their way through the ages of superstitions — sometimes believing that the Earth was flat — it’s quite possible that civilizations existed before that were, in some ways, more advanced than we are today. 

Plato, to our limited knowledge, is the first to come up with this concept known as The Great Year. However, studies of past civilizations indicate they too were aware of this grand cycle’s impact on mankind. Maybe even before Plato.

For this reason, it’s plausible that Atlantis and Shangri-La actually existed but were lost during such a cycle.

The Short of It

Ancient cultures believed in a Grand Cycle. Furthermore, they believed the movement of the heavens influenced this cycle and created high ages of enlightenment and low ages of darkness.

The Long of It

NASA defines The Great Year (TGY) as:

The period of one complete cycle of the equinoxes around the ecliptic, about 25,800 years. It is also called the Platonic Year.


Equinox occurs twice a year around March 20 and September 23. At this time, the plane of the Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun, and day and night are equal in duration all over the planet.

Ecliptic refers to the path of the sun.

An over simplified explanation of The Great Year might be: when the planets and the motion of the fixed stars return to their original positions. This is the complete cycle of the equinox around the ecliptic.

And it takes 25,8000 years!

Let’s put that into perspective.

The oldest form of writing dates back to the  Sumerian Cuneiform script around 30th century BC. Using this as a marker, recorded history spans roughly 5,ooo years.

The planets and stars need 25,800 years to return to their original positions. Perhaps Earth has already experienced this grand cycle once. Furthermore, perhaps advanced civilizations were lost during these ages of enlightenment and darkness.

Researchers hope that as our technology progresses — and with the help of astronomers and archeologists — these long deceased cultures can be resurrected and studied.


Highly advanced civilizations such as ancient Egypt, the Greek and Roman Empires, the Megalithic and Mayan civilizations all seemed to slip into an age of darkness and collapsed taking with them their knowledge of the heavens. Plato saw this as an inescapable part of the recurring pattern indicative of The Great Year.

The Great Year
The Greeks and Romans called the cycles of celestial movements The Great Year. It was categorized into four periods: the Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Golden Ages. Ancient India referred to them as Yugas.

Greeks and Romans referred to these stages of civilizations as The Great Year. They broke it down into four periods — the Iron, Bronze, Silver and Golden Ages. Each period had its own unique characteristics.

The sages of Ancient India referred to it as the Yuga Cycle. The Greco Roman Mithras civilization used symbols for the celestial movement.

This is merely an introduction to The Great Year. During future blog posts, we will probe into this concept deeper.  We will also consider some of the lost and buried civilizations of our Ancient Ancestors.

A Video to Help

There is a documentary on the The Great Year.   (Amazon offers is for $1.99 rental fee.) I rented it and obtained much of the information above from it. If you are interested in more information about The Great Year, it might be well worth watching. (It’s long, 46 minutes.)

Below, I linked a Youtube video on The Great Year. The quality is not quite as good as the rental. However, James Earl Jones narrates the video and it’s free. 

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15 replies on “Plato’s The Great Year: An Argument for the Existence of Atlantis.”

Hello Clara,
Nice to get around to learning a bit of new information from you this Sunday evening. 25,800 is a huge time span and considering writing came about only 5,000 years ago that makes feel as if we are truly infinitesimal. I am interested in learning more about the great year and if there are smaller cycles amongst it and where we might be right now. Since so many of the civilizations you mention must have had a rise and fall over the last 5,000 years I don’t see how the great year, which seems to span such a huge amount of time, can have an affect on these tiny little bursts of civilization. I look forward to hearing more!


great knowledge existed in the western culture re this great year, but it was when the early Christians separated the heavens from earth, being the new domain for God that they split love from fear and developed their theologies – and even kept the sciences out of the heavens as their exclusive territory (through and by death), this also initiated a new story of Eve and the fall of man, forever to cast the Feminine into subservience – still so evident today. Perhaps look at Hypatia’s story, the Greek woman astronomer savagely killed for her understanding of the cosmos. We breathe 26 0000 times a day and we live an average of 26 000 days in a single life-span. Also see the Greerk Empedocles teaching of Love and Strife – the values of this precessional cycle. But it all began much earlier in Africa – the cosmic connection. Thanks for your work. x

Hello, Bokka du Toit! Thank you visiting my blog and your kind words. And thank you for all the great information you’ve shared. I will be researching Hypatia’s story and the Greek Empedocles teachings. I’m fascinated by this and it definitely warrants further research and a blog or two. Hope you will visit again. —Clara

Hi Clara
With all these dynamics going on I find it amusing that scientists keep trying to tell me “in another 10 years what the weather is going to be” I’ve heard “another 10 years” for 60 years now. We are currently entering the hottest part of a 110000 year cycle that has been repeated four previous times in the last half million years. It’s dynamics like shown here that demonstrate how erratic earth’s weather is and has been and there really is nothing man can or does to change it. Any models they create are nothing more than WAG.

Love your stories.

Good Morning, Ric! Gosh, great information. Thank you. And thank you for commenting. You made my day.

I really think you are onto something here. One of my first blogs was research on a new earth-like planet that had been found. There was no evidence of life on the planet — past or present. Instead, scientist believed the planet had experienced a dramatic climate change which destroyed it. So the question remains: If there was never any life on this planet, what caused its climate change?

The next important question being — as you suggested: Can mankind really do anything to derail the climate change now taking place on our Earth? Did human pollution really cause this or is it just Earth’s “erratic” weather patterns? Definitely mind-blowing to consider.

Glad you like my stories! Thank you! Please return with more of your insightful comments. I really appreciate it. —Clara

If you insist that you do not see the aliens, nor their aircraft, you should teach classical Physics. They don’t believe in such nonsense either.

Hi Kev, thank you for joining the discussion and commenting. I definitely believe in extraterrestrials, because I have seen their aircraft, and I have found evidence of their landing here on earth. It’s nonsense only to those who have not seen or witnessed their existence. ——Clara

My pleasure.
Yes, they are here. Even the US govt is starting to admit that they exist.
Not to worry folks-
They are mostly neutral towards us. They are scientific observers of us, for the most part.
But in desperate times, they help us.
Clara, I am starting to suspect that the start of the Kali Yuga was around the fall of Egypt and the birth/death of Christ.
What do you think of this idea?

Gosh, Kev, I need to do a blog on the Kali Yuga and do some research to answer your question. You have definitely spiked my interest though. I do think you are on to something. It is said that Kali (meaning strife) is the worst of the four Yugas. And if you consider how much strife the world has been since the fall of Egypt and birth/death of Christ, then I think your
suspicion is justified. Let me know if you find out more and I will do the same. Thank you!! —Clara

Hi Clara. Good luck with your research into the Yugas.
One thing that we can say with 100% confidence is, that in the last 4000 years or so, the birth/death of Jesus Christ must of been the biggest event to have happened. The whole world uses BC, and AD as the break between ancient times and modern times. So this must of been a huge watershed, so to speak.
Want to hear another of my recent realizations?
(Get ready for this one)
The Pyramid at Giza was actually a nuclear power plant – and yes, they had nuclear weapons.
Interestingly, Zacharia Sitchin maintains that Isreal was hit by an atomic bomb eons ago.
And the radioactivity is still there to prove it.

Kev, had to take a few days to consider what you said about the Pyramid at Giza. Such an intriguing thought and you know the more I considered it the more it seemed as if it could be a possibility. I haven’t had a chance to check out what Sitchin said about about Israel, but I do know he believed in the Ancient Astronaut theory. So did he think the Anunnaki were responsible for the atomic bomb? Such interesting ideas you bring. Thank You! —Clara

Hi Clara et al,
Yes, I am quite certain that the pyramid was an atomic reactor. Just look at all the piping and cooling tanks.
Re Zacharia, he was not much of a theorist. He was mostly involved with the reading of the hierogliphic tablets.
For example, he writes that he knows exactly where there are ancient missile/rocket silos in Isreal. But he doesn’t venture into any theory as to who Isreal was fighting, nor why, nor even when. He makes personal observations sometimes, and just leaves it at that.
Personally, I feel that they were pre-Sumerians.

Clara, you are totally clueless about everything. But you are trying to figure things out. Mostly by wasting your time.
You will say, But I have so much curiosity about all of these far flung subjects. My point exactly.
Try limiting your dailiances. Life is short.
I sujest that you start by reading Madam Blavatsky. Her writings are difficult to read.
But here, you will get your answers to things spiritual, and the lost continents of Lemura and Atlantis.
Try not being some kind of sleuth. Try being a student. You will not learn much by bouncing around like a ball in a clothes dryer. But it can be quite a ride right?
Stay safe. You are all over the place. Mostly with trivia and musings. There are real things that you will need to learn and understand eventually. No, not other planets, etc. You must be the scientific type, huh?
Madam Blavastsky calls scientists “professional atheists”. I do too.

Hi Kev, thank you for commenting, twice. Yes, I am clueless about a good many things. So enlighten me. I’m sure there are people who worship Satan. And many of my friends argue extensively about the “real” of Satan and Hell. And yes there is evil in the world. But who exactly is responsible for that evil? This is where I am clueless.

If you look at all the hate messages that so called Christians spout, then I wonder sometimes if they are not the ones responsible for the evil. Many people have been tortured and murdered in the name of religious beliefs. For example, the Salem Witch Trials, slavery, the decimation of entire populations of people like the American Indian — and the list goes on and on.

I do believe in a Creator, but my Creator would never create a devil or hell. And I believe in Jesus, but I believe in him as a man who was sent to humankind for us to follow. Jesus set the best example of how, as humans, we should treat each other. Yet I see many proclaimed Christians hate this group of people or that group of people. Examples: LGTBQ+ individuals, people of color, women, immigrants, and the list goes on and on. My Creator created everyone. He does not discriminate or have favorites, and he expects us to love all his creations, each one serves a purpose.

As far as Madam Blavatsky, I have read her extensively. This is the link to a blog I wrote on Lemuria. Do I need to study more? Yes. Of course. Everyone does.Probably even, you. And as far as being “all over the place,” so what?? It’s my blog which I have been writing since 2014. I’m entitled to write about whatever I want. I’m curious about a good many topics. Most stem from personal experiences dating back to when I was six years old and experienced my first vision. Ghosts, hauntings, space aliens, walk-ins, and guided writing— to name a few of those topics which fascinate me and have actually been experienced by me.

My blog gives me the opportunity to investigate those things that have haunted me as a child and into adulthood. In many cases, I’m trying to find the “Why Me” through investigations and research. Am I the scientific type? No, but I’d be proud to be one. However, I am a curious writer. Have a great life.

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