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Ghost Hunt, Part 4. Hunting Ghost in 1980

A group of high school journalism students I once taught in Cleburne, Texas, encouraged my love of ghost/monster hunting. It was one of my first teaching jobs. I was young and made mistakes. Still, some great times I remember. My journalism staff and I published the school newspaper and yearbook. We also slipped in the publication […]

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Ghost Hunt — Part 3: Repo House

Fast forward to the second and third haunted houses I’ve lived in. The two haunted houses are connected in space and energy and throughout time. We moved from Hellhound House to The Old House, and I sighed with relief. But the first night in our new home, I heard chains and footsteps in the attic. […]

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Ghost Hunt — Part 2: Elementals and Ghosts, Is There a Difference?

Last blog, we discussed the feasibility of ghosts and used Carl Sagan’s concept of a fourth dimension to explain why some of us have ghostly encounters in our three-dimensional world.  There is another supernatural entity called Elementals. Before going forward on our ghost hunt, we need to determine if ghosts and elementals are the same.  […]

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