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“Our Future Is Space”—Stephen Hawking. Science Fiction Community Votes. Probed

Over the past couple of weeks I have been conducting polls on science fiction google+ communities of which I am a member. On future blogs I will report my findings and share science fiction videos and music with my readers. Why you might ask?

The Short of It

I was having so much fun sharing information with you in my blogs, and to my surprise, my books weren’t magically writing themselves. 

The Long of It

Better Dig 2, Novella 4 of The Creep Mesquite Anthology is due out this March and my Young Adult novel The Other Kind is scheduled for release this summer. So in an effort to meet my deadlines, I streamlined my Wednesdays’ blogs. Still much great science fiction information just not as in-depth. 

I also believe this helps aid the busy reader. And let’s face it, who doesn’t need a little help these days?

Poll Results for: 

“Our future is in space.” 
—Stephen Hawking
Question: Do you agree with Hawking?
371 Science Fiction lovers voted.
82% Yes, definitely.
10% No, not necessarily
  8% Earth is our future.
I always get an amazing discussion from my Sci-Fi community. Some of the choice responses:

“If we cannot grow beyond one planet, we will die here. If we make it beyond, the lifespan of humanity is no longer so limited.”—WP


“Look after earth, control our population size, stop polluting, reserve resources, and start researching the things we will need to break out and colonise other worlds. If we screw up this planet we may find we no longer have the ability to escape anyway. And who is escaping? The rich who made their wealth and power by destroying the planet in the first place?” —LG

“A lot could happen in the next 4B years. And if there’s one lesson we should learn from post-1970 computing, it’s that tasks that seemed impossible become a lot easier a couple of Moore’s Law doubling periods later. Maybe starseeding, self-contained Von Neumann replicators made from a few molecules of DNA will make it to the stars. Space is still big, empty, hostile and the wrong end of the gravity well, though.”—JB


“Just shoot bacteria at probable planets and hope you make a difference.” —LG

“I love the idea of moving off into space and living on a colony on a distant planet in a distant galaxy. Problem with that, it likely won’t be for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Main problem being interstellar propulsion. Given the distances we’d have to go; for instance “Andromeda”, the nearest spiral galaxy to our own is about 2.6 million lightyears away. Fornax Dwarf is on the outer edge of the milky way, our galaxy, which is still about 427,000 lightyears away. Traveling at the speed of light would take 427,000 lightyears to only reach the EDGE of our own galaxy. To travel the vast distances in space within our lifetime we would need to travel at many multiples of C. That and maybe use of cryogenic pods like “Riply” did in the end of Alien/beginning of Aliens. See my point? If we do get out there, ain’t gonna be for a long time.” —CG

(I love my Sci-Fi community.) 
So the majority of us are in agreement with Stephen Hawking. And it seems most of us also agree it’s better to start planning now and making arrangements to secure a future for the human race—before it’s too late—since Earth probably won’t last forever and ever. 
After all, isn’t that how we got here? And why the answer to the Fermi Paradox: Where Are They?—meaning space is vast where are all the aliens—is: we are them. 
Some alien ancestors of ours saw the inevitable happening on their distant planet and made plans. And we and Earth are the results of their plans. 

The least we can do is return the favor. 
Join the discussion. Are you in agreement with Hawking and the google+ sci-fi community? Leave a comment. I love hearing from you. 
Space/Rocket and Space/Dragon on Pixabay by Stevebidmead
Space/Girl on Pixabay by ColdSmiling
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2 replies on ““Our Future Is Space”—Stephen Hawking. Science Fiction Community Votes. Probed”

What of the moon? You dream of the stars and planets far far away.. but you look past my home on the moon. Why have you stopped exploring? Have you learned everything there is to learn and decided the moon wasn’t good enough?

And I wonder if, indeed, “Our future is Space,” perhaps it isn’t a new planet, or moon… but instead our future is the space between them.

“We began as wanderers.. and we are wanderers still” ~Carl Sagan

Hello Moon,

I’ve missed you. So happy you shared your magical thoughts with us.

I could never forget the moon. I rank the moon at the top of our explorations.

The space between them—beautiful idea, but would you want to live your days on spacecraft adrift in space for decades? Maybe.

I think the idea that Sagan gives us is exactly the point. Many of us are host to that wanderer’s gene. It’s in our nature to explore. We are, of course, Starseeds.

Thank you for commenting. Come back soon.

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