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Starseed Checklist, Are You One?


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Have you ever asked yourself why you feel lonely even though you have people in your life who are close to you and who care? Have you ever wondered why you don’t seem to belong to the family in which you were born? Have you ever asked, is everyone but me an alien?

Perhaps, you are the alien and everyone else is just an Earthling.

Starseeds vs Earthlings

The above questions have haunted me my entire life. While doing research on Walk-Ins, I came across a phenomenon known as Starseeds (a term a family member had used to describe someone years before). I knew I had to find out who Starseeds were.

I’ve been searching for a definition which accurately describes their existence on Earth. And, yes, I do believe they exist. Several have crossed my path.

I’m still reflecting on all the information floating around on the web to define Starseeds. I never thought there’d be so much. I did find, however, certain traits that seem to be common among Starseeds.

Below is a compilation of several lists out there. Perhaps by identifying who fits into the Starseed spectrum, a workable definition will surface.

You May Be A Starseed If

Starseeds alone
Starseeds have an intense sense of loneliness.
  • You have an intense sense of loneliness.
  • You feel like you don’t belong in your Earth family.
  • You have a fascination with the stars.
  • You feel as though your home is out there, but you can’t remember where. So you search.
  • You begin to question the ways of Earth at an early age.
  • You may be considered the black sheep of your family.
  • You are drawn to metaphysics and seek answers as to why you feel so alone.
  • You don’t seem to fit-in on Earth.
  • You may have an adversarial relationship with a parent.
  • You have lower than normal body temperature and an inability to handle heat.

Less Universal Traits of Starseeds

  • You may feel drawn to do grid and vortex work.
  • When you have blood work done, your ANA is not normal and the doctors have no explanation.
  • You have acute hearing and smell.
  • You are sensitive to loudness of all sorts: people, music, theaters, television, traffic, barking dogs.
  • You may experience the need to get away from what Earthlings term “normal” people to be alone or seek others like yourself.
  • You are empathic.
  • You have a desire to heal others.
  • You question formal religion but know there is a greater power—a Creator.
  • You experience a deep connection to animals.
  • You have an aversion to violence, fighting, and war. And feel strongly there is always a better path than war and harming others.
  • If you and your mother are Starseeds, you will resemble her facially but have the body of your father. If  your father is from off planet, then you will have his facial features and your mother’s body. Offworlders’ physical features show up in the faces of their offspring who are also Starseeds.
  • You find artificial overhead lighting harsh and intolerable.

Sources of information for the checklist include The Nibiruan Council  and In5D websites.

Am I A Starseed?

Though I identify with many of the characteristics of Starseeds, my bond to Earth is strong. My soul seems to have been planted among the seeds of Earth rather than outer space.

What about you? Do you feel your energies are linked to Earth or to distant stars and planets? 

The above is an unfair question. If you are a Starseed, I don’t think you would broadcast it, instead I think you would live your life quietly, and the way you live your life would lead to your discovery. That is, if others are paying attention. You would be quick to help others and quick to resolve disputes by peaceful means. You would never expect something in return for the guidance, information, or healing you offer. Everything you did would be to help mankind and Earth often to the point of neglecting your own needs.

A New Definition of Starseeds

Simply put, Starseeds exist on Earth but are not of the Earth. Even as children they intuitively know there is so much more to the World, to the Universe, to all of life than they are being taught. They love the Earth and its inhabitants and wish no harm to anyone. They want only to guide and offer their positive energy to humankind.

Starseed Example #3

I taught drama to junior high kids for five years. Of all school ages, this is probably the hardest in regards to bullying and taunting. My drama class was a big draw to the those students who didn’t fit into sports, band, or art, but also a big draw to those popular kids who loved to act. It made for interesting chemistry on a daily basis. A chemistry which was a learning experience for me as well as the students.


The first day of the new fall semester, Samantha walked into my class. She was a tiny round, smidgen of a girl who giggled and smiled at everything. According to the counselor, her intelligent quotient fell within the retarded range.

Twenty-four other eighth graders entered my class that day, one being a beauty named Liv. Using The Lord of the Rings as a backdrop, if Sam were a hobbit then Liv was an elf.


Sam often laughed loudly at inappropriate times. She wrote every boy in the eighth grade a love note, and she stalked, for days, anyone who complimented her. First semester, the other students ignored her.

For this reason, I worried about second semester when duet and ensemble work would begin.

Would she find a partner or would the others in class ignore her as they had done first semester?

The day came for the students to choose their partner for impromptu scenes. Liv had gained class recognition as the most talented, and so when I announced to choose a partner, everyone turned to Liv in hopes.

Sam sat in the far back corner that day—her eyes downcast, hands fidgety in her lap—she peered at me occasionally from atop her bifocals. She was always the last picked for a team in PE. She probably anticipated she’d not be chosen by anyone.

Elegant Liv, the first to make a move, stood and walked to Sam, put her hand out and said, “Samantha, would you please be my partner?” The child-like eighth grader placed her hand in Liv’s, wiped at the tears forming, and nodded.

The pair won first place in duet acting voted on by their peers. During Sam’s remaining school days—even after graduation and beyond—she was never again ignored. How do I know this? I see her in town often, always smiling and always with a big hug for me and anyone else who is with me.

Which of the two girls is the Starseed? I wonder. I only know for sure that Starseeds do exist, and I am blessed to have known a few in this life time. They teach me how to be a better Earthling.

Starseed Examples # 1 & #2 can be found here. 

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2 replies on “Starseed Checklist, Are You One?”

Dear, Clara Bush.

With regards to the topic of Starseeds, my perception is this. Earth’s sun is a star. We do not exist without the sun. We are all seeds that were for lack of a better term, planted. Our fathers provided the seed; our mothers provided the earth from which we grow (the womb). Once birthed unto the planet Earth, the sun allows us to blossom. By this logic I say that all humans are People Of The Sun……A.K.A. Starseeds.

We can talk about panspermia as well. I don’t know for sure (nobody does in my opinion) but the truth is we are here for a reason. I do believe in mystical energies (some would say God). It is the balance of these energies that is the art of living.
Why we exist truly is a question I don’t really want a definitive answer for. It is my Pandora’s Box if you will. Be careful what you ask for; you might just get it. The truth may set you free; but it can also be a cold, cruel mistress.

Hi Jason,

You definitely bring up very good points. Points I’ve struggled with in my research on Walk-Ins, ETs, and Starseeds.

And let me add, your prose is poetic.

But here is a question I keep revisiting. I know you are a fan of Nikola Tesla, as am I. Where does a guy like this come from? How do you explain the almost otherworldly genius he possessed. He created things that have benefitted humans in the past as well as in the future.

It took those individuals who were uniquely different from the average Joe—aka People of The Sun—to advance man out of the dark ages and into the present.

The average Joe or Jane are primarily controlled by his/her need to survive. That’s life. But then there are others who invent light bulbs to replace candles.

Now me, being an average Jane, would think candles are perfectly fine and wouldn’t even see a need for a light bulb or electricity as long as I had a roof over my head and could put food on the table.

So from where does the different kind of thinking—let’s call it into-the-future thinking—come? This is the question that haunts me.

Most of us don’t think like these future thinkers. We are happy to be comfortable in our homes with our families. Some of us think we have too much progress, technology, and so on.

Sorry, I ramble on. But thank you for getting me thinking. I love it.

Ancient Alien Theorists believe Tesla was influenced by aliens. Starseeds, to me, explain the people who have a mission on Earth to advance mankind in a positive way. I don’t think it comes naturally to the People of the Sun but from someplace otherworldly. And that’s what I’m trying to figure out.

It’s not so much: Why do we exist? But how did we go from caves to cars. From fires to furnaces.From landlines to cell phones.

How did Tesla, in 1901, develop the idea for smartphone technology? I guess we could credit intellect, but for me that doesn’t quite cut it. As an Educational Diagnostician, I tested hundreds of children using IQ and Achievement test to determine their skill levels. And though I did run across several geniuses, I never felt IQ adequately explains our rapidly advancing technology.

The difference between us and chimpanzees is two substituted amino acids in the FOXP2 gene. Boom! Where did those two amino acids come from.

I kind of lumped ETs and Starseeds all together. I shouldn’t have. I think they are different. As you can see my research is a work in progress. And you are right. I shouldn’t ask for answers. For me it’s more fun to let my imagination go wild!

But as fun as this is, I need to put food on the table for my family. So later, Jason. Thank you for getting my brain going.

Truth can be a cruel mistress. I love that. Are you a writer?

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