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Guardians of the Galaxy Deception

With regards to the superhero genre, the big question in 2014, with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume I, was: Who’s the Star Lord’s father? Quill’s mother was human but the Star Lord possesses alien abilities.  I speculated. Had theories. Asked: Who’s Your Daddy? I was surprised there wasn’t more chatter on the web […]

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New Super Earth Best Bet at Finding ETs and Fermi Solutions

As our technology becomes more advanced, and we become smarter, and star-gazers begin to ask the right questions, more earth-like planets are being discovered. With these discoveries come the possibilities of other life forms, and uncovering the answer to Enrico Fermi’s question: Where is everyone? Newly discovered exoplanets—like Proxima b and the seven Trappist-1 planets—have teased us with […]

Ancient Aliens Ancient Astronauts Extraterrestrials Outer Space Science Space Stars

Panspermia or The Great Filter May Answer Fermi’s Paradox

We may never have an answer to the Fermi Paradox but possibilities are endless, hypotheses are abundant, and options are thought provoking. Last blog considered self-destruction as an answer to Enrico Fermi’s question: Where are they? They meaning extraterrestrial life forms. Today we take a look at two popular explanations as to where they are. The Great […]

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