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Starseeds, Do They Exist?

“We are star stuff which has taken its destiny into its own hands.” —Carl Sagan

(Updated January 31, 2020. Click here for updated version.)

A Definition of Starseeds

Carl Sagan, a much noted and quoted American astronomer, said: We are star stuff which has taken its destiny into its own hands.

In the Bible,  John 17:16 says: They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.

There are varying definitions of Starseeds on the web and I will list a couple at the bottom of this post.

As a starting point, I have compiled a definition from my research.

Starseeds are entities existing on Earth but not of the Earth. They know, without a doubt, there is so much more to life and the universe than what they have been taught by parents, in school, by religions, and by society.

They search for understanding as to why they are here, but possess an obsessive drive to complete the mission for which they have been sent. At every turn, they sense a guiding force in their life that cannot be explained by accepted Earthling beliefs. For this reason, they feel alone and sometimes seek refuge in a fantasy world. They long for the day they return to their beginnings.

Wikipedia refers to Starseeds as Star People, a Native American spiritual concept according to the book Hidden Mysteries by Joshua David Stone, PHD. This New Age, fringe theory, as Wikipedia calls it, was first introduced  by Brad Steiger in his 1976 book Gods of Aquarius. Steiger describes Star People as: “humans who come from a special gene pool linked to visits by extraterrestrials.”

The Dursley Family or muggles as portrayed in the Harry Potter movies.

I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with Steiger. All I know for sure is there is a unique difference between those people who project a positive and inviting energy and Others who don’t. Author J.K. Rowling labeled these Others as muggles—those lacking magic.

Unfortunately, there are many muggles on Earth. Individuals whose lives have so little magic they go about their day trying to pull others into their dreary, mundane existence by demeaning, criticizing, and sometimes even harming the magical ones.

The magical ones never seem to fit. They can’t be categorized, assigned, shuffled into life’s puzzle, or defeated. They exist and bring magic to those they encounter, that is, if the one encountered is open to such enlightenment.

Who are the magical ones?magic-lady

As I search for more ways to identify Starseeds, my best guide are the people with whom I have come in contact. They tend to project that otherworldly singularity. I offer two examples.

Starseed Example #1

My granddaughter attended a celebrated private school for several years. On occasions when I shuttled her to school, I amused myself with the comings and goings of The Affluents. (We are not of that class. My granddaughter attended their school at a discount because a family member taught there.)

Doctors, lawyers, real estate moguls, and the rest of the population, who wouldn’t dare set a foot out the door without wearing designer instead of Walmart, flocked in and out of the kid-unload-zone looking more like the cover of “Vogue” than parents dropping off their tykes.

On one such outing, I noticed a woman. She didn’t fit the norm for this school—bespectacled, long-flowing skirt, flip-flops, bed-head hair—toting an infant in a sling across her chest and dragging another behind. She was late, but sang as she hurried before the doors were locked. She kissed her little daughter a sweet good-bye, sat on a bench in the shade, unbuttoned her blouse and nursed her demanding infant.

Affluents eyed her with disdain, to which she replied, “Hello. Beautiful day, isn’t it?” Some nodded, others ignored, and some just scurried quickly by and avoided eye contact at all costs.

For me, it was a magical sight. Day after day, I watched for the young mother—always late, always in a hurry, but always finding time to sing to her children. I became fascinated with her courage.

nature starseed girl
Starseeds question the ways of earth.

At school functions, she was the one who stood out. She wore the same clothes she’d worn the day before and the week before. Her children were the loudest and most unruly in comparison to others. Yet, she greeted the Affluents’s stares with a smile and some pleasantry of sorts.

I asked my family member about the bohemian. She handed me a note that read:

Thank you for working so hard with the children and including all of them in your production.

All had been underscored twice.

The family member taught theatre to the youngest of the children at this school—a feat worthy of recognition in itself. “This is the note she sent me today,” the family member said when she handed it to me. “She sends me a note at least once a week complimenting, supporting, and encouraging me. None of the other parents, teachers, or administrators have ever done this.”

There had, however, been a number of complaints issued against the family member for including all the children in her productions instead of only The Talented. I bet you can guess which parents they were.

The family member clutched the note to her chest and headed to corral her wards into a bevy of order, but paused and turned back to me, “Her notes keep me going. They are an affirmation that I am doing what is right. She calls herself a Starseed.”

That was my first introduction to the theory of Starseeds and my interest in the concept was justly stoked—whether it be New Age or not, whether it be fringe theory or not, or whether it be extraterrestrial or not—didn’t matter, I needed to find out more about these individuals.

Was she a Starseed? Her mission does seem to be to teach others to enjoy the world, to accept others as they are not as you think they should be, and to encourage our teachers. A strong and needed mission in light of our current political atmosphere.

Please do not interpret my definition of Starseeds as those who are not into designer apparel. Just seems to me that Starseeds are far less concerned about appearances and more into showing we Earthlings a different way to live, be at peace, and be happy.

Starseeds Example #2

A couple of years ago,  I met some of my husband’s extended family for the first time. The conversations went the way of all conversations—polite, a bit of interest, nothing too deep, no one really saying what they’d been up to or what was really on their mind.


My husband’s cousin—an accomplished and well-known artist living in Santa Fe—whom I had heard much about but never met—announced that his lovely significant other was a published author.

The entire energy of the setting switched from politeness to intriguing.

Before me sat a kindred spirit. Another writer. Someone I had wished for since I began my journey. A feeling of intense exhilaration filled my soul, and though her genre is far different than mine, the connection was there. We talked about publishing, our books, and marketing. And when I mentioned I was a writer of science fiction, I didn’t see the normal cringe or hear the faltering conversation. Nor did I witness the body language that shouted disengagement and disinterest. Instead, she leaned forward.

Yes, leaned forward.

I didn’t hear the things I generally hear from friends and family: (1) I don’t read science fiction. Or  (2) So you’re a writer too? Isn’t everyone?

Starseeds have a mission to guide Earthings to that which is light and bright energy in our world.
Starseeds have a mission to guide Earthings to that which is light and bright energy in our world.

No, she leaned in, and we talked about things I haven’t been able to share with anyone. Things I only talk about in my blog in hopes of finding other kindred spirits.

You are probably asking what about your husband? Your kids? My husband is wonderful, but he prefers to talk about snow skiing or hiking. My kids, wonderful too, but like everyone, are too busy.

How about your friends? You might ask. In the ultra conservative southern Colorado town in which I live, sadly I have no friends only acquaintances. There is no one to discuss the possibilities of ancient astronauts, Walk-Ins, alien encounters, ghosts, animal spirit guides, and all the other topics that are fascinating and brain altering to me.

Deep into the midst of our conversation, the Artist joined us, and I found another kindred spirit. Our conversations went into a frenzy of topics I had always wanted to share with someone, but was afraid to.

He is an intuitive and shamanic healer. Her book is titled Embracing The End-of-Life Journey, and she is a Reiki master and spiritual teacher. They are a mesmerizing couple and a force of all that is magical and unexplainable. More about them can be found on their website

Other Starseed Definitions Found on the Web

*Starseeds are individuals that originate from far-distant star and solar systems, planets, and galaxies. These highly evolved souls carry a plethora of wisdom and special abilities that hibernates deep within the core of their being.

*Not everyone on earth is from earth. There are those who are here from other planets and civilizations in this and other universes. And though they walk around in human bodies, many have forms that are not human. Many are drawn to animals and other life forms on earth that, in fact, closely resemble their true form. For example, some are very drawn to dolphins; there is a race of Beings called the Nommos who live on a planet in the Sirius star system.


Of the above people, who do you see as a Starseed? The mother. The writer. The artist. And is there a Starseed in your life? Are you one? If you are not sure, my next blog, which I will post soon, offers a list of typical Starseed characteristics.

 The Probe’s Mission Statement

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Join me here for more close encounters of the alien kind, or ghost kind, or animal kind, or travel kind, and please share your own. Science Fiction or Fact? Doesn’t matter to me. I just like a story that gives me the chills, makes me laugh, makes me think, or makes me imagine. otter

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5 replies on “Starseeds, Do They Exist?”

Since this is a blog I brought forward from October 2014, and since I will delete that blog, I am transferring the comments from that older blog here, because they are so interesting.

Clara, it took me many years to get comfortable speaking about “woo woo” stuff. When I began studying Reiki Energy Healing, I realized there are so many of us that see and feel differently than the mainstream… but find it hard to speak about. Places like Sedona and Santa Fe provides ample opportunity to discuss and explore the concept of Starseeds. You’ve picked an interesting topic, one that my Shaman & Artist partner discuss often. (I loved how you wrote about us, by the way!) Often times when I’m getting to know my Reiki students, I can “feel” a disconnect or underlying sadness in them. When I sense that, I often say, “do you ever have the feeling that you don’t belong here…that you’re different from other people?” When the answer is an emotional YES… I know their energy is usually Starseed. They connect to a far-away energy, or “home planet” and long for that connection, even though they may have a wonderful “earth family.”
In terms of energy work, some peoples energy flows up, others flow down, and there are simple ways to determine this through feeling, dousing, or kinesiology. Starseeds energy flows UP. Some people’s energy flips both ways. Starseeds carry an energy that has a strong interplanetary connection, that’s why they often don’t feel as “grounded.” They literally “ground up”, not into the earth. That’s a quick energy explanation… but the most important thing is that there are many, many Starseeds out there and in these times of energetic shifts, more people are becoming aware of this. —Wendy


0Kay! This is a topic for the relatives to converse about.;-) Wiki describes Star seed as a more Alamogordo N.M. kinda thing. In agriculture its a quality rating. (ha!) But in the healing world of energy it’s your very beginnings. If you’re religious you might say God took all the DNA (alien at the time) available that might survive on this planet and built a perfect man, then allowing evolution to help us get to where we are with some divine guidance. But in all living things (as well as your energy or soul, reincarnated or not) we have a need to survive. So some of those DNA’s wanted more. Here is where you inject Alamogordo and abduction. Makes you think! Do we (yes) have more alien energies than others?

In some ways we have evolved and in others we have Devolved. I know, Siri didn’t like that one. We only use four percent of our brains. Some a bit more and some, such as commuters on the highways, much less. So…… What is star seed, as the Rog sees it. And of course, that’s the way I would see it. Its your beginning. The furthest we can see (a shamanic kinda see) back. Your energy (soul) in its cosmic beginnings. In the earthly waybackness we have terms like “Paleolithic” So in a superman kinda way that’s what we were in a similar, much earlier, crystal planet or Paleo-cosmic-ithic sorta way. In my view as a wisdomkeeper and healer, we are all Star Seed. Some of us are just more than others. I see Auras. I see luminous fields. Cool gifts ahh!!! I see what different energies look like. And have learned how to help the combinations of energy work together rather than polarize against each other.

The definition in its simplest form- Star seed is cosmic seed used to populate an area with what we call Humans. Some seed is Heirloom and some common. Some engineered and some just settled by the winds of time. Yes, this is a more comical view, but it does have meaning! —Roger


Roger, if we are all Starseeds then why are some humans so unkind and destructive?
Why do some humans exist only in the material and avoid the true essence of life?
You don’t have to answer. Just thinking out loud. —Clara

Wow! Gosh! Thank you Wendy and Roger for your amazing posts and for visiting. Two different perspectives, and yet, both do so much to explain those who are Starseeds.
Insightful and thought-provoking, it will take me until next Monday’s blog to fully digest and dissect. Tons of fun.
Wish I could rev up my brain to at least 20% so I could decipher all the clues that stretch out before us. —Clara

A very interesting subject and post. As a Christian, I especially appreciated your reference to John 17:16 and maybe Christ claiming that He and His disciples were starseed. Definitely a non-church teaching!

Just a note on the side – when my blog came to the end of the Old Testament I called my spaceship home and it and I are both resting now.
Thank you for sharing your blog with us.

Hi Ike,

Thank you for your constant support and always taking a moment to comment. I do believe Christ and his disciples did, and still do, set the example that typifies Starseed behaviors. Behaviors, we as Earthlings, would do well to embrace. And perhaps, as time passes, we get closer to accepting we must respect and care for everyone. I know many humans do. But still, as noted in our recent election, some do not and choose to rally hatred rather than love.

I think few believers would argue that Christ was indeed from the stars and a true Starseed.

Humans need to understand that every religion book gives the same knowledge and understanding about God.. however that knowledge gives you nothing until you experience God. We come to earth as a normal human child born between religion. But as we gain knowledge about this cruel society we unlock our DNA which helps us to know that we are Starseeds..And we become one with God. God is nothing, formless yet everything. He does not resides in Idiots or in any holy scripture. God is within you. Ask your self, if you become God what you’ll do. How you’ll run the universe. And your answer will let know know whether you can become one with God or Demon. More than 36 Alien species living with you humans. So why are we here . What’s our purpose. We can enjoy with our alien families out there . Why we left them. Or why they send us here on earth. Simple, to do Gods work. To make humans aware about their life . It’s time . Wake up. Stop following demon by hate, ego etc. Become God, become one with God. God can become your best friend if you allow him to be your friend.. Some real facts, our Alien families visit us once in our human life form. Whenever we want we gets connected with our Alien families when we need support. They abduct us physically and leave us back here on our mission…To all beautiful humans. This love is from Sirius C (Anu)..

Hello Sirius,
Your comment is so deep and thought provoking it’s taken me weeks to digest. I keep reading it, thinking about it, and ultimately returning to read it. As soon as I thoroughly I understand, I will comment more. Thank you. —Clara

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