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Plato’s The Great Year: An Argument for the Existence of Atlantis.

Earth spins and we have night and  day.  We have seasons because Earth orbits the sun. If we could consult the Ancients, we’d find they believed in an even grander cycle. One that influences the rise and fall of civilizations. New discoveries are being found all over the world offering evidence that complex societies existed and are […]

Lost Worlds Science

LOST WORLDS, Imagine Yours. Science Fiction Reality

  In our high-tech world today, we look to space for our next great undiscovered secret, and I am definitely on board with that. However, there are LOST WORLDS here with us on earth! YES. unexplainable,  uninvestigated,  forgotten,  mysterious Lost Worlds in our midst. Lost Worlds: Did you know it is considered an entire literary […]

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