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Part 3: Ancient Astronauts and Religion — Moses Was a Polytheist.

As I read more and more of the research my guest blogger, Ike Fehr, shares with regards to the connection between Ancient Astronauts and world religions, I see evidence that perhaps the beliefs handed down to me in my Sunday School classes may have missed out teaching me a couple of key facts. And perhaps, […]

Ancient Astronauts Extraterrestrials Religion

Part 2: Ancient Astronauts and Religion — The Plurality of the Gods.

I’ve been questioning things in the bible since I started teaching Sunday School to younger kids when I was in the eighth grade. Yes, I was more of a babysitter than a teacher, but I didn’t know that at the time. So I took my job seriously. While preparing for one of my Sunday morning […]

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Ceres and Vesta — Fossils from the Dawn of the Solar System.

(an update on the Unexplainable Lights on Ceres) In 2015 Images sent back from NASA’s Dawn space probe revealed two bright spots on the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres. These lights were unexpected and a mystery said investigators of the mission at the time.    Ceres’ a rotation takes about nine hours. Above is […]

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