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Animal Spirit Guides: Rabbit

Our three cats are notorious for bringing us baby animals. On our return from our last RVing trip, our cats thought it a good thing to deliver to our doorstep four baby rabbits—one at a time—all in delicate condition. In light of that, let’s take a look at what the Rabbit signifies as a spirit guide. He […]

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The Roadrunner and a Writer’s Path to Animal Mysticism

I had a beautiful comment  on my post last week. The writer explained how she had recently lost her mother and that the roadrunner had visited her in the most unusual way. She explained how she’d had a conversation with her mom about roadrunners before her mom passed. After her mother’s death, the roadrunner came to […]

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Soul Searching. A Writer’s Anguish and Her Journey.

It’s been a while since my last blog and I apologize. I have a good reason however. A good but very sad reason. My daughter was expecting our second grandchild. He was totally a surprise for everyone involved. So much of a surprise I nicknamed him Baby Boo. My daughter was scheduled to deliver April 28. […]

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