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Are Walk-Ins Possible? Mitochondria vs Reincarnation

(An introduction to Walk-Ins appears in my last blog post.) I’ve been interested in the concept of Walk-Ins and have researched the topic since the 1990s when I began work on my first novel. I didn’t take the concept seriously until I woke one morning and felt different. My shamanic friend, Gloria, had guided a […]

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Warriors of the Clouds Remain Mystery

Human corpses of all ages — children, youth, adults, the elderly — were found inside and outside the houses of Kuélap. Archaeologists believe, because these bodies were not buried according to funerary rituals, a massacre occurred in Kuélap. Anthropologist Alfredo Narváez said it was not the work of the Incas or the Spaniards. He drew […]

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Soul Searching. A Writer’s Anguish and Her Journey.

It’s been a while since my last blog and I apologize. I have a good reason however. A good but very sad reason. My daughter was expecting our second grandchild. He was totally a surprise for everyone involved. So much of a surprise I nicknamed him Baby Boo. My daughter was scheduled to deliver April 28. […]

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