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Kurt Vonnegut, Finding Time. Living Life As A Writer.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I’m a fan of author Kristen Lamb. She has done much to inform and motivate writers. Especially regarding how technology has shaped and influenced modern day writing and publishing trends. In a recent blog, she discusses Five Simple Ways to Finish a Book. A big complaint of mine, […]

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The Roadrunner and a Writer’s Path to Animal Mysticism

I had a beautiful comment  on my post last week. The writer explained how she had recently lost her mother and that the roadrunner had visited her in the most unusual way. She explained how she’d had a conversation with her mom about roadrunners before her mom passed. After her mother’s death, the roadrunner came to […]

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Liebster Blog Award! We’ve Been Nominated.

  A blogging/Twitter/writer friend of mine, Myk Pilgrim, nominated our blog for the LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. Now, Myk is quite the character and a very hilarious individual, so imagine my thoughts when I read about my nomination. I was like: Really? Is this for reals? I’m not falling for this. Turns out the Liebster Blog Award is […]

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