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Strange Behaviors of Famous Authors.

Flickr image by Miguelángel Guédez To conclude our series on writing, I researched a few of my favorite writers and discovered these famous authors practiced some strange behaviors in an effort to get their groove on.  Question: What do the following famous authors have in common? Marcel Proust– French novelist considered by many to be […]

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Well-Written? Really?

To a writer, positive reviews from readers are like receiving a million dollars tax free. Yes, I exaggerate. Still, it means bunches to a beginning writer. Recently I read a review on a book I was thinking of purchasing. This positive review listed several things I value in a book and ended it with, well-written. […]

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THE Editing Checklist

Finding an editor that doesn’t rip your creative endeavors to shreds is the proverbial needle-in-a-haystack. As well as finding an editor with whom you can collaborate. This writing industry of ours did not create editors equally. Even though I learn much from each ripping, a little positive feedback would have been nice from the last […]

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