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Curiosity Sends More Images of Mysterious Light Beam

It appears Curiosity, the rover we sent to Mars, is up to its usual tricks. In a blog I posted on April 19, 2014 and updated last week, I talked about the unidentified light beam the Curiosity had photographed. Justin Maki, lead person for engineering of Curiosity’s camera said, “We think it’s either a vent-hole leak or a glinty rock.”

Sure hope Curiosity sends some up close and personals of those “glinty” rocks. They’ve got to be freaking amazing.

On June 20, 2014 or there about (there are conflicting dates reported), Curiosity sent home photos of a UFO and Maki again tried to thwart suspicions of inhabitants on Mars. “This is a hot pixel that has been around since we started using the Right Navcam,” Maki told The Huffington Post in an email.

It all seems a bit quizzical since, as noted in another blog post, NASA astronomer Kevin Hand said, “I think in the next 20 years we will find out we are not alone in the universe,” in a panel discussion aired on NASA television July 14, 2014.

For NASA to allow such a statement, I’d think Hand and Maki would have to know a lot more than they are saying…or at the least…they suspect more than glinty rocks.

There is a conspiracy theory roaming UFO circles that claims authorities are trying to ease us bystanders gently into the notion that life exists elsewhere. So they feed us tidbits, a little at a time, to get us accustom to the idea that we are not alone.


Are the authorities aliens. Or once human, now occupied by aliens, who prefer we remain ignorant until the big feast begins. I mean, what are the statistic on obesity these days? Cokes, potato chips, sugar, cookies, donuts…could all be part of a major alien conspiracy to fatten us up. Maybe the ETs sent the coronavirus. I’m  eating a whole lot more junk food to soothe my worries and ordinarily I eat healthy.

Other Curiosity Oddities

June 29, 2014—Rover photographs something that looks like an animal. Look fast. Tiny black dot on right.

Photo below shows what you are looking for. Now look again. See it, don’t you! My question is: Is the thing moving or is it just the camera movement that makes it look as if it is moving?


June 28, 2014—Something that looks like ancient walls show up in Curiosity photos.

Now, What’s Really Odd (OR Maybe Not)

These are all photos taken from the NASA website, but I didn’t retrieve them from there. Scott C. Waring, who describes himself as a writer, teacher, and UFOlogist maintains an extraordinary up-to-date website devoted to UFO sightings and supporting the UFO community.

These NASA photos are posted on his website with links to the NASA website for verification of the photos. Many of these photos we never see or hear about, and yet they are mind-blowing. From what I gather, Scott studies these images sent back from Mars by Curiosity and then reports his findings on his website.

Scott states that he was once a non-believer, but after his two close encounters, he now believes. His website is a means of rallying the UFO believer troops. Fascinating and commendable, Scott!

(Probe Note update 2020: I just took a quick look at Scott’s website. He has discovered fascinating photos of what looks like a huge rectangular structure and possible docked spacecraft on Mars. Waring found these in the NASA archives. The images were taken by Mars Global Surveyor, which launched in 1996.)

The Probe is a little science, a little fiction, a little about writing, and a lot of real.

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