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Fermi Paradox Finale. Beam Me Up Scotty, Hostiles Here.

Martian Mastermind from the 1953 movie Invaders From Mars directed by William Cameron Menzies.

Even NASA agrees with Enrico Fermi  and his paradox—our universe should be loaded with bunches of Extraterrestrials, but where is everyone?

In April 2017, NASA announced its search for extraterrestrial life has been extended to include Enceladus, Saturn’s sixth-largest moon. New data collected by NASA’s spacecraft, Cassini, during its last flyby, suggests the possibility of an ecosystem favorable to life.

Molecular hydrogen—a biomarker—was detected by an instrument aboard Cassini. Enceladus’s ecosystem would be similar to the ones we find in the deep-sea hydrothermal vents in the oceans on Earth. And like Earth, this life would probably be in the form of microscopic organisms—but still, life. This boasts all kinds possibilities.

The scientific and technological roadmap leading to the discovery of potentially habitable worlds in our galaxy is ongoing and was the topic of a panel discussion aired on NASA television, July 14, 2014. The panel was composed of leading science and engineering experts.”I think in the next 20 years we will find out we are not alone in the universe,” NASA astronomer Kevin Hand said in footage filmed at the discussion and posted on YouTube.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden supported Hand’s comment. “It’s highly improbable in the limitless vastness of the universe that we humans stand alone,” he said.

Highlights of the NASA panel discussion were featured in the e-issue of The Huffington Post on July 15, 2015. A comment, posted by an individual in Huff Post Science, led to a combination of a couple of the Fermi solutions that I found interesting, but had not previously discussed.

The comment:

“If there is intelligent life in the Universe, IF they have ‘visited us’, IF they know we exist, there is a damned good reason why they haven’t made any further contact…They are Intelligent!”

Fermi Paradox-The Damn Good Reason

Let’s just say our Extraterrestrial Intelligent neighbors out there made it to a Type III Civilization on the Kardashev Scale. This means they achieved mastery of the resources of their galaxy by creating an efficient means of space travel. They buzzed around in their starships for many, many years. Maybe even visited us a time or two. Maybe, during their adventures they discovered the rest of the universe to be hostile. Uninviting.

Heck, when they visited us, we may have been running around at that time with hairy bodies, clubs in our hands, bad teeth, body odor, and our communication composed of long and short grunts.

And no telling what they found elsewhere…Elsewhere…Elsewhere…Elsewhere…Hear the vacant echo?

So, what would you do after finding such hostility in nearby neighborhoods? What if you discovered only things that look like Big Foots? Or Godzillas? Or things that scurry suspiciously within the oceans.


Inhabitants of Earth may not have looked like intelligent life at times of ET visitations.

They may have concluded that if Earth creatures were given the gift of star flight, we might pose serious dangers to the universe.  Think about movies like Alien, Predator, Battleship, Pacific, Invaders From Mars, The Invasion of the Bodysnatchers. These hostile species tried to destroy other less advanced species, mainly us.

Our ET visitors may have viewed us as being unintelligent hostiles and better left in our caves than released into the universe.

What would you do?

locked door

What would you do if you were a space gypsy and came across us in our most primitive state of humanness?

I’d go home. Lock the doors. Board up the windows. Leave the lights off at night so no one would know I was home. I most definitely wouldn’t reach out and try to touch someone. Or advertise…Hey I’m here. Come for a visit. Or let’s talk.

In such a scenario, it seems plausible that ETIs might have become homebodies. With their advanced technology, they would have the ability to engineer their universe into one that is less vast and lonely—simulating worlds within worlds, and alternate populated dimensions within alternate populated dimensions…kinda like we do with Direct TV and Netflix.

They may possess the capacity to view hundreds of galactic channels and entertain themselves with the knowledge that they are advanced. They are superior. They may view the rest of the universe as derelict with nothing to offer but reality TV-type entertainment. This would make space exploration seem bleak and rather humdrum to homebody ETIs. Why leave home?

Maybe, they hear us, and know we are here, but have chosen not to answer. They delete us from their contact list, or when we send signals, they hit the do not accept button.


This concludes our search for solutions to Fermi’s Paradox. If there are other solutions you consider noteworthy, please share in the comments section. Or if there is a solution you would like me to research further, comment below. I love hearing from you.


The above black and white photo is from the Twilight Zone episode titled The Private World of Darkness with an alternate, befitting title The Eye of the Beholder. Interesting note—the pretty face is Donna Douglas from the popular 1962 TV sitcom  Beverly Hillbillies, but the woman in the bandages, who appears in the opening scenes, is actually actress Maxine Stuart. They used Douglas because the “eye of the beholder” considered her prettier. Douglas only said one line. It was feared that the audience would recognize a different voice. The ETs in this episode thought the pretty human was ugly compared to them. Rod Serling at his best!

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4 replies on “Fermi Paradox Finale. Beam Me Up Scotty, Hostiles Here.”

I have enjoyed this series.
I especially liked the humor in this one.
Please keep on digging and sharing.

If I were a space gypsy I would gather genetic samples regardless of what the bacteria filled meat bag looked like. I think that’s the standard protocol. Come back every so often see how evolution is going; take more samples. Maybe introduce a new element to the atmosphere, see how it goes.

I hear of other space gypsies saying things like, “If I created them;they are mine to destroy”.

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